Archie Comics: Cheryl Blossom, Sonic & More

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Published on: February 14, 2013
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Betty & Veronica #232

 The girls score a “Backstage Pass” to the “Tumbling Boulders” concert, they’re surprised to learn that offstage the band is more “mild” than “wild!” 

Cheryl Blossom #31

“In Your Dreams” Could Cheryl possibly be in love with Jughead? 

Archie & Friends Double Digest #24

Veronica vows to get the media on her side to expose a corrupt deal and fight city hall in the process!

Sonic Universe Vol #4: Journey to the East

New and old faces abound in this world-spanning foreign adventure!

Mega Man #22  

Is love in the air – or is that just frost? Will Roll’s attempt at match-making be more hazardous than ice?

Jughead #200 – Read for FREE!

The kids are plenty disenchanted with being enchanted. Can they go from status woe to status quo?

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