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DriveThruComics have released their list of digital comics available for you to download directly…

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we have comics guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and say awwwwwww! Bluewater Productions’ 50 Shades of the Twilight Games, a new parody graphic novel, will tickle your funny bone. Looking for action? Be sure to check out Red Eye Press’sValentine Fully Loaded trilogy. Naturally, we also have an entire Romance section for you to explore by yourself or with your sweetie, too!

Gamers and TV fans! Listen up! Margaret Weis Productions has announced the expiration of the Smallville and Supernatural Role-Playing Game licenses! The Smallville and Supernatural core rule book PDFs are on sale for $14.99 and the supplement PDFs are only $7.99 each! Order today! They disappear as of February 28th!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productPower of the Valkyrie #0
by Blue Water Productions

Philosophic action and adventure continues in this new saga starring Bluewater’s Norse hero and written by Day Prize-nominee Chris Studabaker.

Suzanne Bancroft is going to die, and the end of the world will be her fault. A relentless demi-god has declared he will murder Suzanne and her death will begin a chain of events culminating in Ragnarok. Worse yet – her murderer can see her fate.

This free issue is the perfect introduction to the Power of the Valkyrie!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleAsylum of Horrors #3
by Asylum Press

The inmates at the ASYLUM continue with a new breed of horror. This anthology features “BRIGHT WOUND” a tale of angels and demonsby Aaron Rintoul. Part 2 of Tim Vigil’s new “Survival Extinction Z” a post apocalyptic horror tale (with Joe Vigil and Jeff Vigil). “Bum’s Chapel” by the dark and twisted David Paleo.Cover by Aly fell.

Intended for mature readers.


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Featured TitleEvil Inc Monthly: One of the Family, Part 1 (Feb 2013)
by Evil Inc comics

Evil Inc is a corporation run for super-villains by super-villains. In this monthly comic, all of the Feb., 2013, comics are released in advance as part of one download.

This month, a special multi-part storyline kicks off when a parallel-universe Miss Match appears with the following statement: “If you don’t come with me, your son may die.” This begins a story that will leave Captain Heroic, Miss Match, and their unique blended family, changed forever. PLUS: A special feature pulled from the Evil Inc Archive.

NOTE: This download is provided in both PDF and MOBI (Kindle) formats. The MOBI format is tailor-made for the Kindle Fire. Simply download it and use the Send to Kindle app to place it on your device!


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Featured TitleAll Star U
by AAM Markosia

Since the 1950s, Powers have been imposing their will on the world with little resistance besides self-imposed ethics. But now, that epoch is set into a tailspin thanks to Charlie, a mere mortal who commands deference from near-gods.

Oh, and he’ll need a date for the prom, too.

$18.99 $3.99

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The Boy Who Made Silence

The Boy Who Made Silence #1

Deaf child Nestor Gudfred inexplicably creates utter silence around him, which compels the people near him into each others pasts and memories. As his religious rural community looks to him as a prophet, the story follows Nestor and a diverse cast of richly imagined characters as he comes of age, falls in love, and begins a search for his father.

Winner of the coveted Xeric Grant, the debut issue was originally self-published by internationally exhibited painter Joshua Hagler before landing at AAM Markosia.

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Gearz Trade

From the creator of the 10th Muse comes the newest female group of unlikey heroes.

Lonely high-schooler Karen Chugg just wanted a dog. Instead, she got three of the most powerful, deadliest and hippest robot bodyguards to hit the sleepy town of Westville.The good news? Karen’s three robots –quickly become her best friends.

The bad news? Someone very high up, Oval Office high up, wants those robots back. And he won’t stop at anything. Can an ordinary, if slightly unpopular, teen survive killer robots, super-powered school custodians, snotty classmates, chemically boosted monsters and hooded assassins while staying on track to become class valedictorian? Karen Miller’s about to find out.

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Founders of Comic Fandom

Founders of Comic Fandom

Profiles of 90 Publishers, Dealers, Collectors, Writers, Artists & Other Luminaries of the 1950s and 1960s

In the 1950s and ’60s, a grassroots movement arose to celebrate comic books and strips, which were becoming increasingly important to American popular culture. This broad group of ardent readers and collectors had little formal structure until the 1950s. As the art and literary form grew in popularity, a dedicated core began building an organized network.

Profiled here are 90 people at the heart of the movement: indexers, dealers, fanzine publishers, convention organizers, writers, artists, active collectors and industry professionals.

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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekSon of Merlin #1
by Top Cow


Simon Ambrose is a brilliant young professor at MIT. Always somewhat out of sync with the rest of the world, Simon is a man of science and does not put much stock in faith. When he discovers that he is the bastard son of the world’s greatest wizard Merlin, he is forced to put his skepticism aside and embrace a world of magic and the mayhem it embodies.Science and magic collide in this introductory priced first issue!

You can’t afford to miss this next step in a battle that has been waged for ages!

$1.00 $0.99

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Newest Free Products

Cuchillo #01
by Zona 00 Comics

A wonderful adventure story in a strange desert world where Cuchillo, a bounty hunter almost completely devoid of clothing, armed with two holokatana and the breast … well that’s better than you see him, he likes alcohol and all psychotropic …

Power of the Valkyrie #0
by Blue Water Productions

Philosophic action and adventure continues in this new saga starring Bluewater’s Norse hero and written by Day Prize-nominee Chris Studabaker. Suzanne Bancroft is going to die, and the end of the world will be her fault. A relentless demi-god has …

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #496–Star Wars and Geek-Girl
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Gothenburg, Sweden Feedback ReviewsGreen Arrow #17Colder #4Batman and Robin Annual #1Geek-Girl #0Star Wars: Dark Times–Fire Carrier #1 Out of the Longbox:Pathfinder #1 Send comments OR leave us …



Newest Products

The Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures #1
by AAM Markosia
Price: $0.99

Join the teenage Holmes and his friends in a desperate race to unravel the mystery of the London Vampire before more blood is spilt on the dark, dingy and dangerous streets of Victorian London. Murder, mystery and menace follow hot on the heels of the bo…

The Lexian Chronicles #12
by AAM Markosia
Price: $0.99

Reena flees for her life from the hellish scene that was Rell, pursued by her worst nightmare. There is only one place to go to escape, The Forbidden Forest! Reena will have to endure trials that would test the bravest warrior if she is to find the answ…

Vincent Price: Tales from the Darkness #1
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

A brand new mini series featuring the master of horror. My government is a kleptocracy, moderated by violence. My city is a sinking ship… all the waters of the world’s corruption flowing into her, filling her belly, dragging her down into darkness and n…

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