Evil Inc February Is Now Available

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Published on: February 12, 2013


Webcomic Evil Inc has released their February edition on a variety of devices!

Download all of February’s Evil Inc comics today!

If you don’t want to wait for the comic to update once-a-day, you can download all of this month’s comics, formatted to make it easy-to-read on iPads, Kindle Fires and other digital tablets. And if you’re a Kindle Fire user, please consider buying the “MOBI” file through the Evil Inc store and using the Send to Kindle app to place it on your device.

Oooh, and this one’s a biggie:

If you remember from volumes 6 and 7 of the Evil Inc graphic novels, there’s a parallel universe where all of the villains are heroes. In this universe, Evil Atom is a superhero who creates Justice Inc, which becomes the dominant force on Earth. This dimension’s heroes (the Heroic family, Wingman, and rest of the Legion of Justice) are, in the parallel dimension, working as part of an underground resistance movement and branded as villains by Jutsice Inc.

And, as you may also remember, Captain Heroic thought the parallel-universe Miss Match was the real deal… and even had some tender moments with her before the truth was revealed.

Well… this multi-part storyline kicks off when the parallel-universe Miss Match appears with an Earth-shattering statement.

And, as if that weren’t enough…

• TALES FROM THE EVIL INC ARCHIVE: Since we’re focusing on the unique, blended family of Captain Heroic and Miss Match, this month’s dive into the archive tells the story that originally revealed their secret marriage to Evil Inc readers.

If you would like to be notified when next month’s download is available, let me know, and I’ll add your email address to my list. I won’t use the list for anything other than download notifications, and you can be removed at any time.

*Saturday strips are not included. They’re not part of the story, and I usually prepare those on the fly (sorry, Muskiday), a couple day before they appear on the site.

Just don’t spoil it for the others!

Buy it on Kindle

Evil Inc Monthly: One of the Family – Pt. 1 (Feb 2013)

…Or buy directly from me, and use the Send to Kindle app to place it on your tablet…

Buy it on iPad

Download the PDF for your iPad or other tablet.



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