Intrepid #6 out now exclusively to Cloud 9 Comix

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Published on: February 6, 2013

From Cloud 9 Comix:

Available on iPad, Android and Kindle Fire


Story: Jose Loeri
Interior Art and Cover: Montos
Cover Colors: Diogo Nascimento
Lettering: Oval
Executive Editor: Alan M Cole
Editor-in-chief: David B Welcher
Genre: Action
Format: Black & white, 28 pages
Price: $0.99 USD (Download #1 for FREE!)
Publisher: Graphic Illusions Comics

Intrepid is the story of a heroic band of individuals thrown together by chance who stumble upon a vast conspiracy.  As their investigation deepens and the threat becomes clearly defined, they will discover that more than their lives, or even their world, stands at risk.

In issue #6: It has all come to this… Joseph Paxton’s quest to save his friend and teammate Lt. Nadia Chavez has come to a head, culminating in an epic battle in the Mexican desert. The combined might of Mexico’s military and its most powerful heroes, The Golden Brigade, has barely slowed Lt. Chavez’s murderous rampage, and many lives have been lost. With thousands of lives in nearby Qaxaca City directly in the path of Lt. Chavez’s mindless tear, Paxton and his allies must make a final stand. Nadia Chavez must die lest the killings continue. …our story concludes.

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