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Published on: February 8, 2013




Carnacki and Hannay is the first in a series from CD Comics and gives us a combination of detective, mystery, aliens and government plots!

For a single issue there is a lot in here – not only story telling, but a considerable amount of facts. These can be historical or purely informative – but they all add to the reading experience!

the two main characters have a bit of Mulder & Scully about them, but with family histories added to the mix. It all seems to work very well – there is the right amount of tention between the two, with the added mix of the third member of the team, which stops it getting too serious.

The mystery of the missing villages is well thought out, and actually draws from real historical events, which makes the reading so much more.

I enjoy the added comments about possible government plotting, as that adds another layer to the story, which takes it away from the X-files a little.

There are some good locations and angles for the artwork and it all fits it together well.

I’m looking forward to seeing this title move on and finding out more!

You can check out the preview for Carnacki and Hannay here and you can buy the title here:

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