Dark Horse Digital Sale: Star Wars #1’s

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Published on: March 15, 2013

This weekends Dark Horse sale is a selection of #1’s of Star Wars Comics!

Of the number 1’s you can get:

  • River of Chaos
  • Star Wars
  • Agent of the Empire
  • Boba Fett – Enemy of the Empire
  • Blood Ties – A Tale of Jango Fett
  • Jango Fett – Open Season
  • Crimson Empire
  • Dark Empire
  • Dark Times
  • Darth Maul – Death Sentence
  • Darth Vader and the Lost Command
  • Dawn of the Jedi
  • Empire
  • Invasion
  • The Dark Side
  • Knight Errant – Aflame
  • Knights of the Old Republic
  • Legacy
  • Lost Tribe of the Sith
  • Purge – Last Stand of the Jedi
  • Rebellion
  • Tag & Blink are Dead
  • The Clone Wars
  • The Old Republic


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