DriveThruComics: 10th Muse, Mouse Guard and a Heroic Publishing Sale


DriveThruComics have released their latest digital comics available to download.

Everyone is telling me it’s Spring, but it is still snowing here in Wisconsin so I remain dubious…

Heroic Publishing does not share my skepticism and they have kicked off an awesome Spring Sale at DriveThruComics on all of their digital comics including: Flare, Champions, Liberty Girl, Infinites, and more! For the next two weeks, you’ll save 20% off on all of Heroic Publishing’s digital comics!

Our awesome collection of excellent Web Comics continues to grow. If you haven’t checked out our collected editions of Girl GeniusDork TowerEvil Inc.Goblins, and many more…you are missing out! These are a great way to read complete story arcs without having to tab through an online archive and support your favorite creators in the process!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly product10th Muse #800 #0
by Blue Water Productions

Legendary filmmaker Ray Harryhausen reimagines Bluewater’s flagship title the 10th Muse.

The year is 2099, the Muse of Justice is back, better than ever!

After witnessing the destruction of Olympus, Lxandra wakes up in a whole new world and even a new body. The world has changed, but the pursuit of justice remains.

Not only must the Tenth Muse adjust to her new life, she must also fight a new enemy with an old face. The battle for the city of Neo Ithaca begins with a bang in Tenth Muse 2099.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleBreathe #1
by AAM Markosia

China – the late 1700’s.

High up in the mountains, in a poverty stricken village, lives a young girl.On a bright sunny day she’s called back home to discover that her whole family have been slain in a vendetta attack.

Could it be the local Bao Gang, known for their bullying antics, opium smuggling, and employed by a wealthy farmer to stop the village from rebelling — or someone closer to home?

Intended for mature readers.


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Featured TitleMouse Guard: Winter 1152 #3
by Archaia Entertainment LLC

Mouse Guard, the indie hit of 2006, returns with a second series!

In the Winter of 1152, the Guard face a food and supply shortage threatening the lives of many through a cold and icy season. Serving as diplomats Saxon, Kenzie, Lieam, and Sadie, led by Celanawe, traverse the snow blanketed territories to improve relations between cities and the Guard.

This is a winter not every Guard may survive.

$3.50 $1.99

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Featured TitleWe’re Gonna Need a BIGGER Plunger!
by Drew Pocza

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Plunger!

The first 200 Pokeweed comic strips by Drew Pocza. It’s exciting to watch the artistic maturity of the comic as it you read through.

Get a fun look inside the making of Pokeweed with special guest bonus art.


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Art Journal FreedomArt Journal Freedom

Color is all around us and we often find ourselves drawn to particular combinations or arrangements. But how can you effectively and artistically capture those eye-catching compositions in your art journal?

It’s true, art journaling has no “rules” and is a safe place for free expression of your one-of-a-kind life. But knowledge is power and knowing the “rules” of color and composition gives you the freedom to use and break them willfully to create the effects you want. Dina shares these principles in a fun and approachable way with dozens upon dozens of unique journal pages to show you just some of the many possibilities.

Inside You Will Find:

  • Lessons and tips about composition and color including dominance and repetition, symmetry, contrast and the power of black and white.
  • 10 step-by-step technique demonstrations.
  • Dozens of color and design tips and page challenges.

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White Knuckle

White Knuckle

Forty years ago, Seth Rigal was a man to be feared – a serial strangler with a string of victims. Now nearly seventy and tormented by a lifetime of monstrous violence, Rigal lives on the verge of poverty and quietly waits for the death he knows he deserves. Tortured and confused, still tormented by the drives that made him a killer in his youth, Rigal finds himself almost unconsciously stalking the daughter of his final victim – only to have his precious anonymity snatched from him when he accidentally saves her son’s life. Seth Rigal, formerly known as the Gripper, just became a local celebrity. The bodies won’t stay buried any longer.

White Knuckle is a complex and intense psychological thriller, distorting the ever-popular “retired gunslinger” motif into a rain-slick urban fantasy of murderous men and the needs that drive them.

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Son of Merlin #2

Son of Merlin #2

Morgana and her Black Knights will stop at nothing to thwart Merlin and obtain the Stone of Giramphiel.  With Merlin out of the picture, the only person who can stop Morgana is a young MIT professor – Simon Ambrose.  But Simon is a scientist and a man of reason.  Will Simon accept his magical heritage?  Or will his rigid understanding of the universe get in his way?

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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThe God Machine
by Archaia Entertainment LLC

Her Death Was His Beginning

Stricken with grief from the death of his girlfriend, Sith, Guy Salvatore struggles to make sense of his world. He’s plagued with hallucinations of monsters that torment and threaten his life. A man calling himself Satan holds the answers to Guy’s woes. Satan’s twisted tongue promises Sith is alive, but there’s a catch.

The two Gods that govern all of existence let her be stolen from her world by an unknown force. Now she is floating aimlessly in and out of dimensional planes known as the “Dream Worlds.” Guy must take action and call upon his latent power to break through his world’s plane, search out Sith, and take vengeance upon the vile Gods that caused this atrocity.


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New at

Twin Lives Twisted

Twin Lives TwistedTwin lives torn apart by murder and envy; twin lives blighted by slavery; twin lives lived in the shadow of the whip.

When Rekeir is given to Captain Terrahe, master of the merchant vessel Gold’s Confidence, he begins more than a sea voyage: his journey will take him from the depths of mankind’s depravity to the heights of love—the kind of passionate love that only two men can share.

House slave Reon is willed to Evari, a cold but thoughtful diplomat in the service of a foreign king. Will love light a spark between master and slave or are they doomed to sorrow when Reon is called to set right the injustice of his past?

For twin brothers Rekeir and Reon freedom is but a distant memory; enslaved since childhood they set out on a perilous path that will lead to liberty or death. Embark with them upon a journey through a fantasy world of romance and intrigue.


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Newest Free Products

Self Publisher! Magazine #62
by Dimestore Productions

This issue: Cover Feature on Tim Kenyon’s Endtime (with Sneak Peek!), Interviews with Adam Krenn, Free Isabelo, Adam Grose, Alex! Cabal, Travid Bundy and more! Articles about The Creator’s Edge, Writing, The Artists Comic Collective, and the Small Press Ha…

Self Publisher! Magazine #61
by Dimestore Productions

This issue: Cover Feature on Marvin Wynn’s The Edge (with Sneak Peek! and a contest for! free copies too!), Interviews with Hunt Emerson, Paul Rainey, and Tim Perkins. Sneak Peek of Call Me Perilous #1 Articles about Zines and the Small Press Hall of Fame …

Preview of The North End of the World
by Black Watch Comics

Enter the world of Edward S. Curtis, t! he man who will win immortality photographing and documenting the native peoples of North America…and meet the demons he will face as he travels to the north end of Vancouver Island to make his  …



Newest Products

Accidental Centaurs: Accidents Happen
by Studio Tachyon
Price: $3.99

When their experimental teleporter explodes, Alex and Sam find themselves transported to an alternate universe and physically transformed ! into creatures from ancient mythology. Then, their day really starts to get weird.

Eeek! #8
by Asylum Press
Price: $1.99

EEEK! #8 delivers more weird tales of horror and suspense. This retro-style anthology of all-new horror tales is guaranteed to give you the eeries and the creepies!  This issue features three all new horror tales: “Body Farm”, “Inc…

JBD: The Devil’s Due #3
by Griot Enterprises
Price: $1.99

The controversial mini-series from Griot Enterprises continues! JBD comes face to face with the family he left years ago as the spark of revolution threatens to become a raging inferno!

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