Review: Seven Percent From Red 5 Comics

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Published on: March 9, 2013


Red 5 Comics move to a darker scene with this digital exclusive title.

Set in the far, far future we quickly get a grasp on the situation, and it looks bleak. Dark and grim, there’s a degree of brainwashing and corporations here. The dark and light mixes in the art here is very well mixed with the light middle, sandwiched between the dark beginning and ends!
At the point we finish this issue, we get a clear definition of one side and their motivations and a good look at the enemies. This was a well paced initial issue with some brilliant scenes – I especially liked the two main action scenes – one feels so open, and the other gives a real feeling of claustrophobia with so much more.

Although this is a title that is a little bit different from Red 5’s usual fare, but it’s a fun read nevertheless. This is an epic style read that looks as if its going to encompass whole worlds!

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