Spotlight: Velica

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Published on: March 26, 2013


I’ve already spotlighted the Indiegogo campaign, but here is some more about Velica and what you can expect.


Out of the first five issues you get a lot of action – each issue has a lot bunched in with some excellent scenes. Any slower scenes are very well paced and have some well thought out story within them.


As you can see there are some stand out covers here – the sort I remember seeing when I was younger, and don’t see so much anymore. The light/dark theme continues within the issues, making an excellent blend on the pages.


The start of the story throws you right into the action, with a short introduction at the beginning – have no fear, specifics are built into the story – each issue seems the same with no let up.
I get the feeling of the Miss Mirage mini series with the style of the story. Which is a good thing and both of them are ones I enjoyed.


In all this is an excellent independent series, which has an excellent team behind it. Worth checking out!


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