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… we have new Judge Dredd and Slaine collections available from Rebellion Publishing and they seem to be quite a big hit. Well, we’ve got even more on the way so buckle up, it is going to be quite a ride!

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Free weekly productNFL Rush Zone/Skyward: FCBD
by Action Lab Entertainment

Join Chargers fan Ish as he continues to harness his powers to defeat the maniacally evil Sudden Death and his Blitz Bot minions!

Read along as Ish, his friends, and a colorful cast cast of NFL Rusherz as they determine that “fighting evil is a team effort!” In this issue, the Blitz Botz are trying to infiltrate the construction zone of the 49ers new stadium to wreak havoc! Can Ish save the day before it’s too late?

This FCBD book also includes an exclusive preview of Jeremy Dale’s adventure/fantasy comic series, SKYWARD.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleSky Pirates of Valendor Volume Two
by Jolly Rogue Studios

“For Gods, Glory and Gold” is the rallying cry for any adventure in the world of Valendor.

However if you’re Tobin Manheim, you can never have enough gold. Greed is engrained in the souls of most pirates. However this base emotion controls Tobin to the point of aguish. Faced with a choice of two very profitable jobs, Tobin must decide which is best for his pockets. Save the crown prince of the human nation Valen or overthrow an evil monarch of the Elven Empire Galia? What a crossroad he stands at. Work with his ex-girlfriend and ex-wife to save an empire that turned its back on him while in their service? Or work with his estranged father and save a country that rejected him because of his mixed heritage?

If you’re as crafty as Tobin and you let greed takeover, split up your crew and take both jobs. Of course you bring along your best friend and first mate to guard your back and hope for the best.

In Valendor, we reserve the right to arm our bears…

$15.00 $3.99

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Featured TitlePosers #1
by Hound Comics

A super-hero is any man or woman with powers or abilities that is dedicated to protecting the public, even if it puts their own life at risk.

They do this without any expectation of thanks or reward. The Intergalactic Champion Squad, contrary to popular belief, are not super heroes. They CGI all their missions and through mass hypnosis, telepathic suggestions, bribery, and media control have convinced the world they are saving them from alien invasions on a regular basis. And they have reaped the rewards of this lie. They have all become rich and famous off of this scam. The leader of this group of scam artists, Mr. Amazing, has covered every angle that could possibly expose their lie.

Everything…except aliens actually invading. Now as the world turns to their saviors to do what they’ve supposedly always done, the I.C.S. must figure out how to scam their way out of an alien invasion.

It’s hard being a super hero. It’s even harder pretending to be one.

$5.00 $3.99

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Featured TitleSylvanna Sketchbook
by Gloryhound Network

A huge world populated with intriguing characters and a story you won’t soon forget! The series follows a colorful cast caught up in a cold war between the two sentient races of the title planet: The virtuous Bats and the tenacious Avians. When the great Hawk-God, Cyngro, returns to the physical realm, shifting the tides of war in the Avian race’s favor, it is up to the forces of good and a rogue team of Bats to stop his quest for power. This incredible all-ages story promises to feature a sweeping continuity peppered with important lessons that boast plenty of heart.

This Sketchbook offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at artwork, sketches, preliminaries, layouts and designs by series creator, Dawn Best.


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The Chili #1

The Chili #1

Like many comic book fans, young Mike Alvarez dreams of one day drawing his favorite heroes and working with legends like Stan “The Man” Lee.

Those dreams change rapidly when Mike accidentally illustrates the blank pages of a magical compendium, thus transforming him into the mighty Chili!

Join Mike, his sidekick Skip and the most bizarre villains you’ve ever encountered, as our unlikely hero fights for all of humanity against the diabolical Taco Bravo!

This mix of comedy and action will dare you to ask: Do you believe in comics?


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Infinities #6

Inifinites #6

In Hero’s Tale, Part 2 of 2 the origin story within a story continues as the complex and often contradictory origin of Osr S, the being who would become Hero, unfolds.

In this issue, Earth Alpha comes under attack from the forces of the mysterious and malign Evolved Masters and Hero, its greatest champion, must stand alone to defend his world against the alien invaders and the assembled might of his companions in the Justice Battalion..but is any of it real? Moreover, if Osr S is Hero then who is the mysterious being know as Harrow?

Guest starring Lady Liberty, Blue Beacon and the rest of the Justice Battalion as well as Dr. Karnak, Tut and the boy king, Hertsher. Comics most interesting syncretism continues as The Harrowing of MV4 continues to weave its unique and colorful tapestry of Genesis theology combined with Egyptian mythology, ancient astronaut conspiracy theory and elements of good old fashioned, Bronze age comic book storytelling.


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GIs vs Zombies

GIs vs Zombies #1

This is the story of a glider platoon of World War 2 GIs who crash land on D-Day and battle their way through hordes of zombies, only to find that the war they are fighting is not for the Allies, but for their very own survival.

Three terrifying tales of Soldiers versus Rotters!


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Tempered Steele

Tempered Steele: Superior

Who is Superior and how does he fit into Tempered Steele’s life and what does Dominion and Rhiana have to do with Tempered’s new powers.

Plus the Tempered Steele chapter of Sky Zero.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekJudge Dredd: The Judge Child
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

When Judge Feyy, Mega-City One’s oldest pre-cognitive, has a vision of the city being destroyed in 2120, Judge Dredd and a select group of other Judges, including future Chief Judge Hershey, are sent on a mission to find the Judge Child.

Apparently, young Owen Krysler may be the only one with the power to stop the apocalyptic event from ever happening. With the fate of the ‘Big Meg’ in the balance, Dredd will travel through the irradiated wastelands of the Cursed Earth and venture out into the depths of uncharted space to find him!

Originally serialised in 2000 AD Progs 156-181.

$10.99 $7.99

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Newest Free Products

114759-thumb100.gifAlienage District Map
by Columbia Games Inc. free RPG resource is a complete 28″ × 20″ map of the Alienage, the foreigners’ quarter of the City of Cherafir. Descriptions of the locations on this map can be found in the complete Cherafir article. The PDF is layered…
114747-thumb100.jpgThe Most Unhappy Piece of the Trapped God
by DCS has broken the barrier between Chaos and the Prime Material and it seeks to make the world like it’s own. “The Most Unhappy Piece of the Trapped God” is a mini adventure for FUDGE, it is ment to be a distraction to an adventure and pos…
114655-thumb100.jpgRefuge in Audacity
by Critical-Hits Studios can be sure of your destiny except chance…… The Karma Fates guide the fates of millions of planets. Their servants are the Hero Characters, who fight with superpowerful abilities and Cybernetix attachments normal people would not be …

Newest Products

114708-thumb100.jpgLuchador: Way of the Mask
by Spartacus Publishing
Price: $9.99Don the mask and dive into danger! Luchador: Way of the Mask allows you to take on the persona of a masked wrestler of your own design and grapple with the forces of evil. Champion the common man in the battle against tyranny and corruption. Foil the sch…
114784-thumb100.jpgZombie Bloody Streets
by PWORK Paper Wargame
Price: $6.58Set includes 21 different maps with checkered boxes 1 inch depicting city streets and sidewalks in style Zombie Apocalypse! They can be assembled as you want, to create your own map town and play your favorite game with Zombies! Blood, rubble and desolati…
114781-thumb100.jpgB1 – Return of the Rat Cult (Labyrinth Lord [tm])
by Purple Duck Games
Price: $2.00Purple Duck Games is proud to present a new adventure for the Labyrinth Lord[tm] system. Felton is much like any other agricultural town, a good harvest brings plenty, but a bad harvest brings… The Return of the Rat Cult! In the afterma…

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