IDW Publishing: Massive STAR TREK comics event this week! Free comics & 1/2 off digital comics this weekend!

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Published on: May 16, 2013
STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS #1 is free this week in the iBookstore. Plus, a massive 1/2 price on all STAR TREK digital comics!

1/2 Off All Star Trek Comics

That’s right! All STAR TREK digital comics and collections are 1/2 off this weekend! Kirk, Spock, Picard, Data, Riker, Sisko, Janeway… they might be far out in space, exploring the final frontier, but they have never been more reachable. Try out a new series or fill out your digital library and carry the entire galaxy in your pocket!

Sale ends 5/19 at 11pm Eastern in North America and at local evening times in other regions.
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Countdown to Darkness #1 is Free!

BOOK OF THE WEEKSTAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS #1 is this week’s “Book of the Week” on the iBookstore! Don’t miss out, download it now!

Ever wonder how all those temporal anomalies affected the STAR TREK timeline? Or… just want to know how the comics mesh with the films and TV shows? Here is it, the official IDW Star Trek Temporal Chart! Complete with key events from the Star Trek universes, plus all the comics from the current ongoing comic series, it’s everything you need to understand where Star Trek has been and where it’s going!
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