Review: 2000AD – 1831

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Published on: May 9, 2013


There’s nothing wrong with seeing the imposing figure of Judge Dredd staring out at you from a cover of 2000AD….

Prog 1831 kicks off with the continuing arc of Dredd looking for missing cadets from Chaos Day! We get some good flashbacks here, which are well placed and are built in well to the story. we know it’s personal for Dredd as there’s ‘family’ there. This is a good mid-sized arc for Dredd, where we get a good look at more of Mega City One as it has been left now!

The second part of Thargs 3hrillers: Gunheadz continues on from the twist we got from the first part of this story. It makes a brilliant middle part and we know that things are not going to go well in the final part! We still get the mixture between the art in the real world and the comic world.

We get the final part of Dandridge in The Copper Conspiracy. I’ve grown to enjoy Dandridge and am looking forward to the next instalment – there are obviously plans in place!

Stickleback has family and we get a good look at him now and the attack of the reptiles continues on now! The art is still brilliant and enjoyable – in a way it shouldn’t be!

Finally the Zombo we know and love is back! yes, he’s grey, but it’s still him! We’re getting towards the final act here too in this crazy story!

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