Review: The Private Eye #2

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Published on: May 10, 2013


The new pay-what-you-want digital hit enters the difficult issue #2!

And again it hits it out of the park!
Read in widescreen you get some good panning shots which give you a real good look at the future in which the story is set. Combined with some claustrophobic areas there is an excellent mix. It’s fun in this to pick up all the details and backgrounds in a second read!


I’m enjoying this already immensely and it’s not too late to jump on – multiple format (PDF, CBR and CBZ) and many different languages. This is a series which can go worldwide.
We’re in early days in this maxi-series, but we’re already getting a good look at the key players including help and enemies. The final panel is a good mix of humour and a cliffhanger which will keep you going until the next month!


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