The Latest From comiXology Submit – 5/08/13

Here are this weeks Comixology Submit titles available now!

30 Días con Camilo
Written by Juampa Camarda
Drawn by Juampa Camarda
Language: Spanish
Age Rating: 17+
Page: 37, SRP: $0.99

Camilo es un personaje creado por Juan Pablo Camarda y fue publicado a lo largo de todo el mes de julio del 2009 en el blog colectivo “El Librito”.

Bikini Cowboy
Written by Fresherluke
Drawn by Fresherluke
Language: English
Age Rating: 9+
Pages: 377, SRP: $5.99

Set in the 1800′s american frontier, a woman wearing nothing but a hat, surfboard and Bikini by the name of Whisky Jill must protect a young boy with innate abilities that his original captors seek to exploit.Together they go on a spiritual journey that shows both the light and dark sides of humanity, as well as attain enlightenment.

City of Mith #1
Written by Larry Ridlen, Apollo Villa-Real
Drawn by Chandar Wilson
Language: English
Age Rating: 12+
Pages: 30, SRP: $2.99

What would you do if you woke up from a coma with amnesia and everyone around you had superhuman powers… except you? Welcome to the life of Detective Mith.

Dead Horse Vol. 1: Dead Birds
Written by Eric Grissom
Drawn by Phil Sloan
Language: English
Age Rating: 15+
Pages: 184, SRP: $9.99

Collects Deadhorse: Dead Birds #1-6 and includes character sketches, pinups, deleted pages, and more.William Pike is a reclusive shut in who comes into possession of a powerful key and becomes the target of an evil industrialist. When Pike learns the key may help solve the mystery behind his father’s death, he embarks on a journey into the farthest reaches of Alaska while being pursued by a man in a plastic ape mask.

Death to the Sky Pirates! #1
Written by David Lee Smith
Drawn by David Lee Smith
Language: English
Age Rating: 12+
Pages: 24, SRP: $0.99

The sky pirates are ambushed by Britannia and Germania forces.

The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #1
Written by Tom Hutchison
Drawn by Alisson Borges
Language: English
Age Rating: 12+
Pages: 44, SRP: $1.99

Take a trip over the rainbow to Oz as you’ve never seen it before. Dorothy “Gale” is a tough as nails cow-girl trapped in our wild-west version of the land of Oz. Follow Gale, Toto the horse of course, and a host of familiar companions as they make their way to the Emerald City on a quest to find the Wizard who claims to have the power to send Gale back to Kansas. Issue #1 of the hit mini-series which launched this fan favorite comic book title!

Lloyd and the Bear #1
Written by Gibson
Drawn by Gibson
Language: English
Age Rating: 9+
Pages: 28, SRP: $1.99

Lloyd and his teddy bear are kidnapped by an alien race and end up in outer space and that all happens in only the first few pages! You won’t believe what happens next!

The Man Called A-X #3: Self Discovery
Written by Marv Wolfman
Drawn by Shawn McManus
Language: English
Age Rating: 15+
Pages: 22, SRP: $0.99

Tensions rise between the families in the inner circle; A-8 has imprisoned Liz Watkins to lure The Man Called A-X into a trap. A-X finally views the information that could hold his very name, but first he must find Liz before she’s murdered.

Moth City #2
Written by Tim Gibson
Drawn by Tim Gibson
Language: English
Age Rating: 15+
Pages: 210, SRP: $1.99

“The perfect distillation of a classic and mythic era of comics.” Greg Broadmore
McCaw chases the bio-weapon and the man who stole it through the crumbling streets of Moth City, his daughter does strange things to a corpse, and Major Hong levels an ultimatum at the Governor when the plot thickens in this exciting installment of Moth City.

Nowhere Man Vol. 1.1: You Don’t Know Jack
Written by Jerome S Walford
Drawn by Jerome S Walford
Language: English
Age Rating: 15+
Pages: 37, SRP: $4.99

Haunted by his father’s death, NYPD detective, Jack Maguire tries to prove himself by passionately pursuing a lead in a tough case for his department. His action places his life at risk, but Jack has a few tricks on hand.

Our Super Mom #1: One of those days
Written by Scott Allan Bachmann
Drawn by Scott D.M. Simmons
Language: English
Age Rating: 9+
Pages: 23, SRP: $0.99

Liza Lang-Ramiro retired from being the hero Paragon to raise her children. Her husband Leon is a famous novelist. Daughter Gail is in elementary school. Son Markie is in Kindergarten. It’s all fairly normal until the kids show signs of gifted abilities.

Poop Office #1
Written by Ben Pooped
Drawn by Ben Pooped
Language: English
Age Rating: All Ages
Pages: 23, SRP: $2.99

Do you have a crappy job? Poopert sure does! He works at Poop Office, an office staffed entirely by poop! Find out what the job interview was like. Learn what happens when Fecelia burns popcorn in the kitchen microwave. And get ready for a visit from Dumperly’s new baby!Exclusively available digitally in COLOR and HIGH RESOLUTION! Includes Poop Office 0 and 1-11, Shorts 1-24, and the Poop Office Fumetti, a photo comic featuring real (dog) poop!

Silly Kingdom #1: Alengrimrickshaw’s 211th Birthday
Written by Steven Shanahan
Drawn by Katie Shanahan
Language: English
Age Rating: 9+
Pages: 44, SRP: $0.99

It’s the grumpy old kingdom-wizard’s 211th birthday. Normally this would be no big deal (as no one likes him), but THIS generation of young royals will change all that by throwing him a special surprise party. However, when the birthday boy discovers their plot, things take a turn for the explosive, in this fantasy-comedy suitable for all readers.

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