The Latest From comiXology Submit – 5/22/13


Comixology have released their latest digital comics available from the Comixology Submit line:


The Accelerators #1
Written By R.F.I. Porto
Drawn By Gavin P Smith, Jeremy Schneider
Pages: 29, SRP: $2.99

Two time travelers, Alexa and Bertram, pursue each other through the decades in a deadly cat-and-mouse chase. She is the last survivor of a 1960s research project studying time travel; he is a soldier desperate to wipe out any trace of Alexa’s research, including perhaps Alexa herself. Each of them is armed with a time machine, but these machines have a very special rule: They can only move forward in time, never backward. To save herself, Alexa must leap further and further into the future, with Bertram never far behind. Caught in the crossfire between Alexa and Bertram is Spatz, a teenager from the 1990s who tries to help Alexa but instead gets dragged along with her into another time. In this nightmarish future, everyone has their own personal time machine and people pass the time watching gruesome spectacles such as the Time Games, a gladiator-style death match that kidnaps unwitting combatants from throughout history and forces them to fight each other for sport. Now, they must survive the Time Games and escape from this surreal dystopia.

The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade #1
Written By David Blake Lucarelli
Drawn By Christopher Matteson, Henry Ponciano
Pages: 29, SRP: $3.99

Gavin and Doug are two juvenile delinquents who are drinking in a cemetery one night when they meet a strange old man who tells them a story about a vampire that can’t possibly be true…or can it?

Crimson Society #1
Written By Michael J Hunau
Drawn by Carlos Trigo
Pages: 24, SRP: $0.99

In a futuristic world where supernatural beings live among humans in peace, Jack Crimson finds his life as a werewolf frustrating and wants nothing more than a cure. Desperate to free himself from this curse, he makes a series of decisions leading him down a path that will change his life forever. Pearl City is full of vampires, zombies, werewolves, and more. Learn more about this mysterious world and follow Jack on an epic journey.

Diskordia #1
Written & Drawn By Andrew Blackman
Pages: 30, SRP: $2.99

The first chapter in the saga follows the hapless misanthropic youth Jackal Black as reality falls apart around him in the most disturbing and shocking ways

Doc Unknown #1
Written By Fabian Rangel Jr.
Drawn by Ryan Cody
Pages: 32, SRP: $0.99

When evil threatens the citizens of Gate City, it’s up to DOC UNKNOWN to stop them. In “Museum of Madness,” Doc must prevent the monstrous mobster, Boss Snake, from stealing an enchanted statue. Things quickly go from bad to weird in this first installment of an exciting new pulp action adventure!

The Man Called A-X #5: Self-Discovery
Written by Marv Wolfman
Drawn by Shawn McManus
Pages: 29, SRP: $0.99

Liz Watkin’s son, Jack, is a social outcast who lives with his controlling father. Jack seeks to gain his mother’s love but will that change when he breaks into his mother’s apartment and discovers the the Man Called A-X waiting inside?

Minor Acts of Heroism #1
Written by Adriana Ferguson, Kristen Van Dam
Drawn by Adriana Ferguson
Pages: 38, SRP: $0.99

It started out like any other forced hangout session with a sort of emo kid in a creepy vampire looking mansion. And yeah, maybe going into the haunted looking basement with a weird long pool that went off into the dark depths of the house wasn’t the smartest, but it seriously seemed like a good idea at the time.

Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard Boiled Shaman: The Spirit of Boo
Written & Drawn By Terry LaBan
Pages: 91, SRP: $3.99

From the land of eternal winter and the fevered imagination of Terry LaBan comes the new online graphic novel, Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard Boiled Shaman! The mean streets of LA have nothing on the frigid forests of Siberia when it comes to danger, and Muktuk Wolfsbreath needs all his shamanic powers to deal with the wicked women, thuggish tribesmen, gods, demons and animal spirits he encounters as he tries to cure his clients of whatever ails them. A unique mashup of Siberian mythology and classic detective fiction, Muktuk Wolfsbreath takes readers on a wildly entertaining, hallucinogenic journey to heaven, hell and the dark secrets that lurk behind the skin covers of reindeer herders’ tents.

And Terry LaBan can be heard disclosing all the hard boiled secrets about Muktuk and more on the comiXology podcast. Take a listen today!

The Red Ten #2
Written by Tyler James
Drawn by Cesar Feliciano
Pages: 41, SRP: $1.99

And then there were nine…After narrowly escaping an explosion that took the lives of one of their own, The Alliance uncovers new and deadly horrors awaiting them on the island. Plus, the tragic origin of Red!

Secundus: Part 1
Written & Drawn by Mike Thomas
Pages: 32, SRP: $2.99

Secundus or The Gladiator and the Magician. On the very day a skilled gladiator earns his freedom, he faces an unexpected challenge.

So Buttons #1
Written By Jonathan Baylis
Drawn By T.J. Kirsch, Mr. Alan, David Beyer Jr.
Pages: 28, SRP: $1.99

Comics writer’s funny SO BUTTONS digs into heart-touching topics ranging from Dad to Dachau to dating. SO BUTTONS’ stories include: “So … My Dad Got Drafted?”, a tale of surprising family secrets. “So … Racist?”, which delves into unconscious levels of racism. “So … The Sun Won’t Come Out Tomorrow,” about Annie’s odd power. “So … I’m Dating a Comic” and “So … She Moved in with Me Anyway,” strips revealing why comedy is easy but dating is hard. “So … Heaven Smells Like Bacon,” a slice of life in a diner. And the finale, “So … Only Nixon Could Go to China,” covering the Jewish Baylis’ trip to Europe – and, in particular, to Dachau.

Titan: One Shot
Written By Glen Ludlow
Drawn By Gary Seaward
Pages: 40, SRP: $0.99

On a remote island in the corner of Great Britain, enhanced super-humans who fought for King and Country during the final days of World War Two live out their lives in peace. But when a private military force want the island back, aided by Titan, the new generation of super-powered crime-fighter, everything goes to hell. When Titan is framed for murder, he is forced to choose between what is right, and what is easy, with a lot more than just his legacy on the line…

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