The Latest From comiXology Submit – 6/05/13

Comixology have released this weeks list of digital comics that hail from their Comixology Submit scheme:

Albert the Alien 0.1
Written By Trevor Mueller
Drawn By Gabriel Bautista, Jr.
Pages: 28, SRP: $0.99

When an emergency light goes off on Albert’s suit one day, it could only mean one thing: it’s time to use the restroom! However, someone plans to confront Albert in the school hallway and cause trouble for our hero. Dodging school bullies, vigilant teachers, and hulking hall monitors, Albert must use his wits to complete his journey. This collection contains the full adventure, the script, character designs, activity pages, and so much more! (All ages) Recommended for readers 7+, 24 pages, full color

Albert the Alien 0.2
Written By Trevor Mueller
Drawn By Gabriel Bautista, Jr.
Pages: 28, SRP: $2.99

Albert the Alien is just a normal everyday kid…from outer space! As the first intergalactic foreign exchange student, Albert is on Earth to learn about humans and experience our culture. And what better cultural past-time could there be than going to the movies! With the latest summer blockbuster premiering in a theater nearby, Albert and Gerty convince their parents to let them attend an opening night screening. However, there’s a problem – the movie is sold out! Can Albert and Gerty figure out a way to get into the movie, or are they doomed to be the last kids in school to see it? This book contains the complete adventure, a special Origins adventure, a backup story by newcomer Kasey Williams, more fun activity pages, and more! (All ages) Recommended for readers 7+, 24 pages, full color

Collateral – Dear John #1
Written By Matthew Nicholls
Drawn By Lee Taylor
Pages: 24, SRP: $1.99

“This place used to have a name, but no-one can remember what it was. Now it is known simply as Vacant City…” Collateral – Dear John is a twelve issue comic book series written by Matthew Nicholls and illustrated by Lee Taylor, set in a modern day super hero world. The focus of this drama is a normal family trying to survive. Nobody ever thinks of the damage that is left behind and has to be re-built. Not just physical damage, there is also emotional.

Hell’s Brew #1
Written & Drawn By Michael Liggett
Pages: 18, SRP: $0.99

This is not your history…but it is your nightmare! Double-crossed and kicked in the dirt, Gabriel Garcia is out for revenge. He’s looking for the man who killed his brother come Hell or high water…but there ain’t no water in the desert!

The Last Enchanter #1
Written By Morgan Fitzsimmons
Drawn By Ariane Soares
Pages: 30, SRP: $2.99

Battles, evil, deception, and masacre all in this first installment of an epic fantasy adventure of dark elves

Malden #1
Written & Drawn By Peter Hon
Pages: 45, SRP: $2.99

MALDEN, a street on Seattle’s Capital Hill. 3 roommates must journey to get munchies for lunch, but find themselves doing battle for their lives against the Burrito Lord Gordito, and his minion Baron Bok Bok. If you want it weird, make it MALDEN!

The Man Called A-X #7: Self-Discovery
Written By Marv Wolfman
Drawn By Shawn McManus
Pages: 23, SRP: $0.99

The Cadre begin their hostile takeover of the world. Can The Man Called A-X and his new allies prevent the end of the world?

Of Stars and Swords #0
Written By Graham L Johnson
Drawn By Caroline Johnson
Pages: 25, SRP: $0.99

After her mother and brother are murdered, Seren sets out to find their killer: Her uncle.

Ravenous Redd #0
Written & Drawn By Charles Thomas Bostic III
Pages: 10, SRP: $0.99

Know what this industry’s been missin’? A good ol’ fashion Brooklyn fairy tale. Join the creator as he brings you the origins of this compelling inner-city adventure. Brought to you by Charles T. Bostic III (Sectornauts/ Fusion; Anthology), illustrator & author, as he presents the dawning of his exciting urban fairy tale. This concept book moves from conceptualization through actualization all the way to culmination of his ground breaking character, Ravenous Redd!

Rocket Queen and The Wrench #1
Written By Justin Peniston
Drawn By Ramanda Kamarga
Pages: 23, SRP: $0.99

Jamie Baldwin spends the summer on the Darian Estate, not knowing that this is where his estranged father is manservant and major-domo to the Zoom Family, the world’s premier armored heroes!

Super Indian Vol. 1
Written & Drawn By Arigon Starr
Pages: 66, SRP: $3.99

Super Indian Volume One combines Issues #2, #3 and #4 and features the comic adventures of Hubert Logan, an ordinary Native American reservation boy who ate tainted commodity cheese and gained super powers.

Super Sweet Seven Vol. 1
Written & Drawn By Jeremy Kaposy
Pages: 107, SRP: $0.99

Seven days, seven superpowers- one for each day of the week! After stealing Santa Claus’ magic cel phone, Jeremy commanded it to make his every day an adventure! Now the world’s been turned upside down, because Jeremy got his wish. Every day of the week brings a different superpower, a different challenge, and big laughs.

Widowed #1
Written Adam Wollet
Drawn By Marcelo Salaza
Pages: 26, SRP: $1.99

Rose Serafino was driven mad after being forced to witness the brutal slaying of her husband by a sociopath. Entrenched in a complex delusion, Rose goes on a righteous killing spree in an attempt to rid the world of evil and draw out her husband’s uncaught killer. But, when Rose finally comes to face to face with her husband’s killer, she learns a horrifying truth that changes everything…

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