Archaia Entertainment: Mouse Guard, Gunnerkrigg Court & More

The following Archaia digital comics are now available for download starting today on comiXology! (Digital First refers to titles that are available first as digital comics before the print version is released.)

Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 2 #2
Digital First

(W) David Petersen
(A) David Petersen

Cursed ghosts, unrequited love, and dire peril abound as the stories continue in the common room of the June Alley Inn. Legends of the Guard continues the tradition of featuring handpicked artists and storytellers by series creator David Petersen with a full serving of of brilliant new art and epic tales from around the Mouse Kingdom.

Space: 1999: Classic Vol. 1: To Everything That Was
Digital First

(W) Andrew E.C. Gaska
(A) John Burns

Set in the continuity of the original series, this anthology fills in the gap between the first and second series of the gothic science fiction television series Space: 1999, offering an exciting narrative of events that occurred “between the scenes.”




Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 4 #4: Materia
Digital First

(W) Tom Siddell
(A) Tom Siddell

Parley and Smitty’s relationship is turning out spiffingly. While Annie, Kat, Reynard, Robot and Shadow watch Parley’s new training regime. But one of these characters is in for a major change when an old gift from Coyote exceeds everyone’s wildest expectations!



Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 4 #5: Materia
Digital First

(W) Tom Siddell
(A) Tom Siddell

Antimony finds a class for Shadow where he can go unnoticed and meets a familiar face.





Siegfried Vol. 2: The Valkyrie
Digital First

(W) Alex Alice
(A) Alex Alice

A hero is born of Man and Valkyrie! In this second volume of the trilogy inspired by Wagner’s classic opera The Ring of the Nibelung, Siegfried sets off from his forest home to find the world of men. With Mime as his reluctant guide, Siegfried plunges headlong into the dangers of the swamp of the sorcerer Volva, where he learns of his destiny to confront the dragon Fafnir! Written and illustrated by Alex Alice (Le Troisieme Testament), this lush hardcover masterpiece brings the epic saga to life in feature-quality illustration.

Spera Vol. 3 #3
Digital First

(W) Josh Tierney
(A) Josh Tierney

Separated from Pira and Adel, Lono and Yonder wander through the forest, looking for their friends. Meanwhile, Pira and Adel reach their goal, but it may be more dangerous than it seems…







But that’s not all! The following Archaia titles are now available for download from the Comics Plus App!

Gunnerkrigg Court #8

(W) Tom Siddell
(A) Tom Siddell

Antimony and Kat deal with the everyday adventures of growing up at a school that has robots running around along side body-snatching demons, forest gods, and the odd mythical creature!






Hopeless, Maine #4

(W) Nimue Brown, Tom Brown
(A) Tom brown

Trapped on an island off the coast of Maine, the people of Hopeless find life a little darker and more dangerous with every day that passes. The number of orphans rises continually, but who can say what happens to their parents?





Judge Bao #4

(W) Patrick Marty
(A) Chongrui Nie

Judge Bao comes to a verdict and decides to go to the neighboring province where the fair courtesan, Lian, requests for his help.


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