Review: Cable & X-Force #14


It’s time for the final showdown: X-Force vs. The Uncanny Avengers! Can Hope save her adopted father from the Uncanny Avengers – and from himself? And in the wake of this tumultuous battle, what will be the future of Cable’s X-Force?

I’m still enjoying this series – with Hope stuck in the future (an some comments on her future self) we get a resolution to Cable’s problems – both the immediate and the long term.

The pacing works well with this issue – with battles going on outside between The Avengers and X-Force and Havok dealing with Hope/Cable inside. Havok makes a decision – one that could be seen from when Cable was captured, but it’s well dealt with and progresses the story well. the supporting cast continue to shine, with Forge, Dr Nemesis, Colossus, Boom-Boom and Domino all holding on as much as they can against the Avengers big guns.
The art is also excellent, with some fun uses of Dr Nemesis’s mode of attack.

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