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DC Comics have released this weeks digital comics on iOS, Android and Online. The Spotlight this week continues the Batman: Year Zero storyline in Batman #25

Spotlight: Batman (2011- ) #25

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo

“Zero Year” Part 5! The Riddler sends Gotham City into total darkness!


Forever Evil:
Arkham War #2
Annual #1
Justice League
of America
(2013- ) #9
Alien #1

Digital First, Special Friday Release
Wonder Woman #2
  • Action Comics (2011- ) #23.3 featuring Lex Luthor
  • Batman (2011- ) #23.3 featuring Penguin
  • Batman and Robin (2011- ) #23.3 featuring Ra’s al Ghul & League of Assassins
  • Batman: The Dark Knight (2011- ) #23.3 featuring Clayface
  • Detective Comics (2011- ) #23.3 featuring Scarecrow
  • Green Lantern (2011- ) #23.3 featuring Black Hand
  • Justice League (2011- ) #23.3 featuring Dial E
  • Justice League Dark (2011- ) #23.2 featuring Eclipso
  • Justice League of America (2013- ) #7.3 featuring Shadow Thief
  • Superman (2011- ) #23.3 featuring H’el
  • Swamp Thing (2011- ) #23.1 featuring Arcane
  • Teen Titans (2011- ) #23.2 featuring Deathstroke
  • The Flash (2011- ) #23.3 featuring Rogues
  • Wonder Woman (2011- ) #23.1 featuring Cheetah
  • 100 Bullets: Brother Lono #4
  • Fables #133

All DC COMICS — THE NEW 52 titles are available digitally and in print at the same time. Go to readdcentertainment.com to find your local comics shop!

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