Review: Iron Man – Fatal Frontier #5

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Published on: November 8, 2013


What’s so funny about peace, love and Phlogistone? After being attacked by his old foe Endotherm, Tony realizes that the brand new moon element Phlogistone drives those who use it insane. But is Tony himself at risk of losing his mind?



Although we start off feeling this is going to be a ‘talking’ issue, there’s a fair amount of action here as the story moves over to being a heist movie!
It’s pretty well done, with some sort-of-breaking-the-fourth-wall by Tony and some commentary on heist movies in general. It’s all a nice build up and these short packages weekly work well.
The infinite canvas is working well in this issue, with some nice transitions between panels and and movements.

Now we’ve got to see if the other boot will drop!

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