Review: Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic #7

The trouble with Extremis! After framing his former friend and mentor for the theft of TEXtile, Eli Warren revealed to Tony that the Extremis enhancements he gave himself and his crew were more than just for show. Now it’s up to Tony and a remote controlled Iron Man suit to fight off the angry team of scientists.

Usually in a heist movie, there are two parts – the part at the front, the part everyone sees. In this case it’s Tony entertaining at a party. Then you get the actual theft – the armour doing it’s part in the heist.
In this story we get a third look – the virtual Tony doing the hack. Almost all the story takes place in a virtual reality, from his point of view. This adds a new dimension to the story. Two thing at the end interested me – the first was the addition of Doctor Doom into the story and that the obvious one. The second was the reaction of Iron Man’s ‘deputy’ there is a tone to his questions and answers which show that it’s going to be a problem to deal with later down the road…..
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