Thoughts On Amazon Buying Comixology



After trending high on Twitter worldwide last nights news that behemoth Amazon has acquired digital comics distributor Comixology there seems to be a ‘wait and see’ policy from many people.

There are a lot of positive aspects from the deal, although many people seem to be hoping that Amazon will leave the majority of Comixology alone.

If it’s not broke…

There is the issue of Amazon Prime – would prime members be able to access Comixology content? As a member of both I would wonder how this would work – I’ve already linked my Prime account to my old LoveFilm account, so maybe something like that?

How will the Comixology Submit process be handled? This could go one way or the other – the process actually be made slicker – with less complaints of waiting for approvals. Or it could be ignored completely

Will the likes of Marvel and DC Comics deals be continued. Marvel have been pushing their own apps and Unlimited more, so there may be something more.

Finally there is the competition – I’m thinking the likes of iVerse and Dark Horse Comics – with their own apps. Will they be squeezed out of the market? I don’t think the likes of Sequential or Scrollon have anything to fear from this as they have their own niche which is separate from them.

Wait and see seems to be the best idea at the moment and everyone seems to be being pretty sensible!

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