Afterlife Inc & 7String Crossover at Thought Bubble

Launching at Though Bubble – the worlds of Afterlife Inc and 7String crossover!

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Afterlife Inc. vs. 7STRING… let battle commence!

It’s the crossover event of the century as the worlds of Afterlife Inc. and Nich Angell’s 7STRING collide in THE HEAVENLY CHORD, an explosion of life, death, music and mayhem never before seen on the indie comics stage. The mad composer Requiem seeks to complete his masterpiece, with the entire multiverse as his captive audience. Only one obstacle stands in his way. Just what is THE HEAVENLY CHORD and to what ends will Requiem go to retrieve it? Thankfully, Afterlife Inc.’s newest consultant, Zachary Briarpatch, is on hand to advise…

And with the fate of all worlds in the balance, it’s a good thing he’s bringing the noise


Melodia, a world of music and magic teetering on the brink of war. Blessed with a legendary guitar-sword of seven strings, Zach embarks on a quest to find Lars Troubleclef, the man who murdered his mother and seeks to set the world ablaze.

The Empyrean: once home to the archangels of legend, now the centre of Jack Fortune’s promethean attempt at social engineering. Heaven is in the hands of the people… but can the best of intentions save us from the ghosts of our past?


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