Mobilia Launch Their Digital Comics App At LSCC

Something special here too – you can download a file to 3D print a character!


This weekend, digital comic innovator, Mobilia, launched the beta version of their new iPad app at London Super Comic Con. The app, which took three years to develop, is a platform that allows for digital comics to feature multimedia elements. It also allows publishers to provide promotional action figures and statuettes through the app, which can then be 3D printed by users.

To showcase the abilities of the app, the download includes issue 1 of Sioux Warrior, a comic written by app creator Sam Gardner, as well as a redemption code for a 3D printable bust of the comic’s protagonist. Over the course of the weekend, the app attracted a great deal of attention from convention attendees, as well as many of the industry professionals who were at the event.

Renowned artist, Glenn Fabry, who has provided art for Marvel, DC Comics and 2000AD, described the digital comic as “like a 21st Century version of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds”.

Indeed, Gardner’s work is so innovative that the print edition of Sioux Warrior 1 has been added to the collection of the Victoria & Albert museum.
During the development process, Gardner became aware of 3D printing technology. He saw this as a natural addition to the functionality, and immediately began working to add it to the app.
Mobilia are currently in discussions with a number of independent comic publishers, with a view to them adding their own content into the app.


The app is exclusively available for the iPad, but the company will be developing it for other platforms soon.


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