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It is Science Fiction Month here at DriveThruComics (and over at DriveThruRPG and DriveThruFictiontoo) and we’re celebrating with a huge sale on over 1400 awesome digital comics from dozens of publishers!

This sale includes Judge Dredd, Cyberforce, Dead Future, Bubblegun, and many, many more! Check out all of discounted science fiction titles on the sale page today!

…but wait, there’s more!

Every weekend we’re going to be featuring select sci-fi titles at an even bigger discount! We even got started a little early this week with special sale on select trade from Valiant Comics! From today until Monday you can save 30% on some exciting trade collections include X-O Manowar and Armor Hunters!

Now read on for new releases from Top Cow, Aspen, Source Point, and more!


Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productLing Ling Conquers GRAXX / FCBD 2015
by Crushpop Productions

From the creators of CPOP’s tabletop miniatures game of brutal over-the-top carnage, Monolith presents it’s first release, on Comic Book Day, 2015: Ling Ling Conquers GRAXX.

They betrayed her. They tried to kill her. Now, they’re running for their lives…

Betrayed by her employer, Ling Ling sets out for revenge, at any cost. With the help of her newly formed outfit, the Solano Street 98’s, she is determined to wipe out all those who set in motion the ultimate betrayal. From a child losing her parents, to the fighting pits of the Goregrinders, Ling Ling has come a long way, becoming one of the most feared and well-known rulers of GRAXX.

Ling Ling is a quirky, hyperactive roller coaster of emotions, who only wants happiness, but that happiness comes from visceral carnage, of which she knows and adores. Alongside her walker Larry, her trusted friends Grok, Rolker and Hans, Ling Ling sets out to get revenge against those who set her up, putting into motion the events that would lead her to her ultimate destiny.

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New Comics!

Shahrazad #2Shahrazad #2

The first re-mastered debut from Aspen’s Big Dog Ink imprint continues!

The Sirens of legend have been mercilessly held against their will for centuries on end with no respite!

However, will Shahrazad decide to rescue them in their time of need–or leave them to their own tragic fate?


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RestRest Volume 1

The long awaited collection produced by Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia and DiVide Pictures with story by Mike O’Sullivan arrives!

John Barrett is a man going nowhere. In his late 20’s, he’s stuck in a dead-end job with no friends and no future. When his best friend from college mysteriously resurfaces with news of a new wonder drug that replaces sleep, John falls into a conspiracy that threatens to change the course of human history!

Written by Mark Powers (GI Joe), art by Shawn McManus (Sandman) and Marco Castiello (Witchblade) and covers by the industry’s hottest talents including Tim Sale (Heroes), Phil Jimenez (Amazing Spider-man) and others.

This volume collects Rest #1-5 along with a cover gallery, behind-the-scenes commentary and sketches, and much more!


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Gaiman in the 21st CentruryNeil Gaiman in the 21st Century

Neil Gaiman has emerged as one of the most influential literary figures of the 21st century. To borrow a phrase from his viral 2012 University of the Arts commencement speech, Gaiman “makes good art,” from his graphic novels to his social media collaborations, award-winning fantasy fiction and beloved children’s books.

This collection of new essays examines a range of Gaiman’s prolific output, with readings of the novels American GodsAnansi Boys,The Graveyard Book and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Children’s books The Wolves in the Walls and Blueberry Girl and the online short story collection A Calendar of Tales are discussed.

Gaiman’s return to the serial comic book form with Sandman: Overture is covered, and artist JH Williams III contributes an exclusive interview about his collaboration with Gaiman on Overture. Cartoonist Judd Winick offers a personal essay on his connection to Gaiman’s work.


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Monty's WorldMonty’s World TPB

Talent feature in the pages of Monty’s World include indy creators like writer and Red Leaf Comics publisher John Michael Helmer, writer Mark F. Davis veteran writer Steve Skeates & Jonathan Gilbert, artist like Stuart Berryhill, Bruce Cashman and Ron Stewart. These stories were original featured in the Monty’s World mini-series distributed online at many small press websites. Each story is action packed with superhero, sci-fi excitement! Characters include: John Kirby: Firefox, Lightning Marval, The Silver Age Leaf, Depthon, C.J. Walker and more!

Started in 2012, Will Lill Comics is based in the Rose City of Portland, OR was founded by T. Warren Montgomery, a professional comic book creator. Will Lill Comics has plans on publishing print and digital titles such as: Monty’s World, Grafix Chronicles, John Kirby: Firefox and more.


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

The Complete Harlem Heroes
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

$23.99 $11.99

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Featured Title

IXth Generation: Hidden Files #1
by Top Cow


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Featured Title

Jack of Spades #1
by Source Point Press


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekValiant Universe Handbook: 2015 Edition #1
by Valiant Comics

The epic origins! The fearless first adventures! The ever-shifting allies and allegiances!

In honor of Valiant’s 25th anniversary, get everything you need to know about the most formidable heroes and villains that the Valiant Universe has to offer right here with an all-new 40-page handbook for just $2.99!

From Animalia to Zephyr, get an essential briefing on Valiant’s most important players with a highly detailed and thoroughly updated breakdown of the monumental characters that will be making the Valiant Universe tick in 2015 and beyond! Featuring artwork from an all-star cast of Valiant superstars – Doug Braithwaite, Clayton Crain, Trevor Hairsine Clayton Henry, Bryan Hitch, Cary Nord, and many, many more – discover everything you need to know to jump into the world of Valiant’s award-winning series right here! Plus: start at the beginning and find out what you might have missed with a brand new guide to Valiant’s trade paperback collections! It all starts here in the VALIANT UNIVERSE HANDBOOK!


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Sci Fi Sale at DriveThruComics

Newest Free Products

Roleplayers #01
by Irrational Comics

Roleplayers is a original comic series about a group of college boys who find their world taking a dramatic turn when a pretty girl joins them in their tabletop role-playing game (RPG) sessions. Join these comedic players on their misadventures inside and…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #660–Catwoman and Spider-Man
by Brian LeTendre

Download Location of the Week: Keene, NH Feedback Reviews:Matty’s Rocket #1Amazing Spider-Man #16.1 Summer Reading Project:Convergence #4Convergence: Catwoman #1Convergence: Plastic Man and the Freedom FightersConvergence: Swamp Thing #1 Send co…

Scattered Sampler #4
by Scattered Comics

THE FREE COMIC BOOK DAY “Scattered Sampler #4″ comic courtesy of RA COMICS. (RA COMICS is a professional comic book printer. They can print your comic books in 3-4 days and have outstanding service. Be sure to check out RA …

Newest Titles

Sinners #1 “Hope Is Dead”
by Thoroughly Professional Publishing
Price: $2.99

Today is not a good day for Hope Martinez. Waking in a strange bed, with a not so strange body laying lifeless in the corridor, she panics. Disorientated and confused about the previous night’s events, Hope runs, but only so far as the black limousine wa…

Deadworld: To Kill A King (Graphic Novel)
by Caliber Comics
Price: $16.99 $7.99

There is a mysterious man that has embraced the new world where the dead walk the Earth. In fact, he seems to relish it and hunts down the zombies for sport with a single minded purpose. But when he comes up against King Zombie and his grakken demon creat…

Old Wounds #2
by Pop! Goes the Icon
Price: $2.99 $0.99

Things continue to get explosive for Michael Lane when another one of his former associates is murdered. As the police move to protect him, can Lane keep his hidden past secret for much longer? Only Russell Lissau (THE BATMAN STRIKES!) and John Bivens (DA…

Empress: Issue 04
by Isle Squared Comics
Price: $1.99

Niles gets more than he bargained for when he finally finds Zia. This issue wraps up the Starlet Lost arc. A Cruel Productions and Isle Squared Comics co-production. Master of the macabre Aghori Shaivite places his Aghori-verse character Empress Zia…

Dead Drop #1
by Valiant Comics
Price: $3.99

Four issues. Four stories. One ticking clock! Red-hot writer Ales Kot (Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier) and rising star Adam Gorham (Zero) start the countdown to DEAD DROP as an unlikely cast of superhuman operators fall in deep for an undercover conspi…

Valiant Universe Handbook: 2015 Edition #1
by Valiant Comics
Price: $2.99

The epic origins! The fearless first adventures! The ever-shifting allies and allegiances! In honor of Valiant’s 25th anniversary, get everything you need to know about the most formidable heroes and villains that the Valiant Universe has to offer …

Shahrazad #2
by Aspen Comics
Price: $2.99

The first re-mastered debut from Aspen’s Big Dog Ink imprint continues! The Sirens of legend have been mercilessly held against their will for centuries on end with no respite! However, will Shahrazad decide to rescue them in their time of need&nda… The First Download Comic Shop

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