Review: 2000 AD Prog 1936

June 30, 2015 Michael Nimmo 0

The latest Prog reviewed This weeks prog features an excellently coloured Absalom! Judge Dredd – Blood of Emeralds continues Dredd’s investigation into going-ons in the Emerald Isle – we get hints of corruption and a bigger […]

Previews: Zombie Tramp & Puppet Master

June 29, 2015 Michael Nimmo 0

Action Lab: Danger Zone have released previews of their latest comics ZOMBIE TRAMP #13 Writer(s): Dan Mendoza Artist Name(s): Dan Mendoza Cover Artist(s): Dan Mendoza (regular, risqué variant), TMChu (limited variant), blank sketch (limited variant)  Special anniversary issue – Dan Mendoza […]

Reviews: Daredevil & The Punisher

June 29, 2015 Michael Nimmo 0

Reviews of two of Marvel’s latest digital comics. Daredevil #16 In order to preserve the new life he’s built, Daredevil is faced with a critical decision…which may mean the death of Matt Murdock! Plus, with […]

Review: Fight Club 2 #2

June 28, 2015 Michael Nimmo 0

For the past decade Tyler Durden’s been sneaking out of Sebastian’s subconscious. Sebastian has a nice wife and a nice kid. He has a nice home in the suburbs. Nice-enough neighbors. Now all that’s going […]

Review: Rasputin #6

June 28, 2015 Michael Nimmo 0

A review of the beginning of the new arc! Rasputin #6 In the wake of an assassination attempt on a US presidential candidate, a political aide is presented with the fact that he’s Grigori Rasputin, […]

Review: The Black Hood #5

June 27, 2015 Michael Nimmo 0

The final part of this initial arc! CONCLUDING THE FIRST, NOIR ARC OF THE FLAGSHIP DARK CIRCLE COMICS SERIES! “Bullet’s Kiss, Part 5”:The Black Hood finally corners the mysterious “Connection” on the abandoned seventh floor […]

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