Comics Empower – Digital Comics For The Visually Impaired!

An excellent idea, getting more into digital comics!

Comics for the Visually Impaired!

Thousands of people around the world would like read comic books and can’t!
People think comics are a visual medium, so the visually impaired can’t ever enjoy the experience.
We’re here to fix that!
We’re here to bring comic books to you!


‣ Comic books in audio form!
‣ Read by some of the world’s top voice talent!
‣ Each 22-24 page issue is translated into a 25-35 minutes of audio!
‣ A new issue of your favorite comic book every month!
‣ New series appearing every month!
‣ Letter pages are included in the comics! Listen to fans’ letters and words from the publisher!
‣ Compelling and ground-breaking stories!
‣ Featuring an exclusive comic book series for this website!

Check out the comics here. You can also check out the free previews!
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About Comics Empower

Comics Empower is the online comic book shop that makes comics for the visually impaired!
You will finally be able to take part in the comic book conversation!
You can finally experience what has become a basic part of life and of the growing experience for so many!


What Are Comic Books for the Visually Impaired?
* The comics are translated into audio form.
* Pages, panels, and texts are described in a way that doesn’t break the rhythm of the story.
* Twenty-two to twenty-four pages of comics are translated into thirty to thirty five minutes of audio recordings.
* Readings include the letters pages, where the editors, writers, or publishers interact with the readers.


What Comics Are in the Store?
* Comics Empower was created by indie publisher New Worlds Comics, creator of some of the best SF comics today.
* Therefore, the first few series premiering will be from New Worlds Comics.
* Each month a new series will premiere and new issues of the old series will continue to be published.
* Within a few months, we’ll introduce more comics from more companies.
* The more we grow, the more comics we’ll offer. Eventually? The sky’s the limit!
* In addition, the series Aurora was created exclusively by New Worlds Comics for the Comics Empower website! Find out more about it in this blog post.


What’s the Story Behind Comics Empower?
Comics Empower was created by Guy Hasson.
The online Science Fiction Encyclopedia describes him like this: “in his refusal to compromise on commercial principles, and in his ongoing experimentation with various forms of media, it has become clear that he is following an intensely personal vision; one to which his commitment is whole.”
After more than 20 years writing for theater, writing science fiction stories and books, and writing for film, Guy created New Worlds Comics. In doing so, he found the place where his passions lie and where they can be expressed fully, by creating big-budget science fiction and fantasy ‘movies’ on the comic book page on a regular basis.
In creating New Worlds Comics, he created a place where everyone can and should be empowered: Writers, artists, readers of all kinds and all ages, other indie companies, and more.
The Comics Empower comic book store for the visually impaired is another step in that. Hopefully the store will empower tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of people around the world who could not enjoy comic books before.

You can find out more about Guy in the Comics Empower podcast.

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