Review: 2000 AD Prog 1945


An excellent cover this week that stands out to old and new fans!

In Judge Dredd – Enceladus: Old Life, Dredd is left battered and bruised, but still has some fight in him. Nixon is after him and he’s after Nixon, so we’re getting close to some conclusion, but it looks as if Mega City One is taking a beating here. Some Judges are stepping up too!
New series The Alienist returns in The Hex House after last weeks creepy beginning we understand more about what is wrong with the house! We also begin to discover that not all is what they seem in more than one way! It’s creepy in a haunted house way and I expect more things from this!
A new Tharg’s 3hrillers returns with Apocalypse Anonymous – this 3 part story kicks off in war zone and something nasty is hiding in the shadows! We then flip forward to a special ops team that jumps in and makes the same discovery….
As an aside, one of the ops looks like Warren Ellis on steroids!!!
We get a new arc from Grey Area in Contact as the humans finally make progress in convincing people of the approaching God-Star. There some excluding humour here in such a dire situation – especially with Resting-Bitch-Face and her supervisor (who doesn’t win any prizes)
Finally we come to the end of the arc in Helium and things look bleak with and escape, a dog fight and loss under the poison cloud..

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