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by Johan Gutierrez

The Dark Lord of the Shadow, Valaros.

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Scrimshaw – an epic post-apoc, high-seas adventure comic

by Horde Media

A sci-fi, swordplay, comic featuring a Euro-Japanese Samurai, his mutant valet, and the rest of the crew of the Runaway Horse.

Scrimshaw is a brand new comic created by award-winning writer Eric Borden and drawn by the extremely talented Dave Mims. It blends a few of our favorite things together swords, science, and two hundred and fifty foot whales. Our first issue will be a 40 page full color comic book. 25 story pages and 15 pages of the Captains Log.

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Robin Dunne’s Rattletrap

by Under Belly Comics

Upon a time, once, after the Infinite Nothingness gave way to the Almighty Everything… there existed a tiny universe called Bramzyla. For epochs, it was perfectly balanced eco-solar system subsisting in harmonious orbit around their all-mighty sun, Alphanova. Each generation of Alphanova is one incarnation of the great stellar lineage going back to the beginning of time. Before the life-giving light of each sun was extinguished, the Star Gods would present to the heir of the BramZylan dynasty a Star seedling. This Seedling would produce a new solar offspring to take the place of it’s dying forefather. But in the lightyear of 5092 the universe was split into two warring halves and became mired in a brutal civil war. This time of chaos and imbalance gave rise to the Dark Priestess from the depths of the Shoel. As punishment, the Star Gods disappeared to the far depths of the Great Dark Abyss, taking the precious Seedling with them. The Prophesy says that only the one who can unite the light and the dark will be able to retrieve the seedling. Otherwise, Alphanova will be extinguished forever…

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Franklinstein: 36 Craven St.

by Penny Dreadful Press

What if Benjamin Franklin, not Victor Frankenstein, created The Monster?

The main plot of our story is set in 1774, two years before the start of The Revolutionary War. Politician and inventor Benjamin Franklin is the American Ambassador to England, and has taken up residence in London.

Franklin lives at 36 Craven Street with his protégé William Hewson; a brilliant young surgeon, Hewson’s wife Polly, and the owner of the home; Mrs. Stevenson, Polly’s mother.

As was a morbid yet necessary custom of the time, human remains were often stolen immediately after burial by grave robbers. These grave robbers, men called Resurrectionists, would sell bodies to the medical community for anatomical research. William Hewson was one such buyer, and for a time he ran his own private medical school out of the basement of 36 Craven Street.

But when exposure to a cadaver causes William to contract a fatal blood disease, he turns to Ben, the one man brilliant enough to cheat death itself, but death it would seem, has a much darker fate in store for the residents of 36 Craven St….

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BODY BAGS: Don’t Die Until I Kill You

by Jason Pearson

"Don't Die Until I Kill You" promo

The Comic Series: Originally launched in 1996, Jason Pearson’s initial Body Bags mini-series was incredibly controversial, but strong reviews of both the story and art led to immediate sellouts nation wide and created a loyal rabid rabid fan base. With a story focusing on a father/daughter relationship, set inside the world of bounty hunters and cold-blooded killers, Mack and Panda’s story hit an emotional cord with many readers that has not faded over the years.

But now it’s time to bring back Mack and Panda. Right here. Right now.

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