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by Nechama Frier

Ahley's VERTOSCOPE story - "The Devil's Pupil"

A brand new comics anthology exploring the psychology of VILLAINS in sixteen gorgeous original stories!

Digital Reward?

From $5 you get the early bird digital version!

Shadoweyes: Volume One

by IronSpike

Shadoweyes: Volumes One is a 370-page, paperback collection featuring Shadoweyes’ origin, initial trials, and baptism-by-fire into a life of vigilante crime-fighting. Sophie has remastered some of the dialog and art from the online edition, making this the perfected version of Shadoweyes’ story. Due to violence and occasional strong language, Shadoweyes is recommended for readers 13 years old and older.

Digital Reward?

From $15 you get the DRM-Free PDF version

Digital Slang Graphic Novel – Episode #1 The Proxy War

by Leonartist

There's a war going on to control young minds. But an awakening population of technologically advanced youth “Just ain’t havin' it!"

In this alternate digital age you can no longer run. Big Brother is everywhere. So, once you’re targeted by the machine, you have to stand and fight.

Digital Reward?

THE DIGITAL BOOK – DIGITAL SLANG: THE PROXY WAR #1 For $10 you’ll get the original graphic novel

When Promises End – Volume 1A: Red Hero

by Yukino Kanashi

So take Yurika's hand and let's delve into the world of When Promises End!

Based on the title alone, one may assume that this isn’t some story with a happy-go-lucky premise. If I get into major details of this series, it would take a while so I’ll sum up the important parts. This series features black and white illustrations along with full colored illustrations with exclusive content as well inside the books.

Digital Reward?

From $5 you get volume 1A digitally!

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