Review: 2000 AD Prog 1950

Last weeks Prog – reviewed!



All-new stories this week!

Judge Dredd –  Serial Serial has the return of serial killer PJ Maybe – although we don’t see him, his presence is felt in more than one way. There’s a grudging sort of respect for PJ Maybe from some of the Judges, but I think Dredd views him as “the one who got away”. Dredd is torn here – to go after Maybe or this ‘other’ serial killer?

We get all new Reeks in Defoe: The London Hanged as some new Reeks are born and go after Defoe and his happily settled family. These Reeks are from the executed criminals of London and they seem to have a score to settle…!

In Brass Sun: Motorhead we start in a bad position, as Wren is under torture and seems to be have been betrayed by her companion. We get a look in her head, as well as her interactions with the echo of the Blind Watchmaker in her head. I’m glad to see this series back!

Bad Company returns in First Casualties with Danny Franks still suffering from PTSD when he asked to deal with an issue downtown. We get a lot of flashbacks and a lot of looks into Danny’s addled mind – if he’s bad, then what about Kano???

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