Review: 2000 AD Prog 1952


Judge Dredd – Serial Serial splits the story well with Dredd first looking into the returned PJ Maybe, and then the serial killer that Maybe has been warning the Judges about. As Dredd runs around he seems to be mopping up more crimes, but not the ones he is after. We also get some reliving of Chaos Day with Maybe’s adventure with the Dark Judges!
Defoe gets offered a deal in The London Hanged and you can only guess at his reaction – what does he hate more? He moves his family away, and then we get a look at the rest of Defoe’s crew and what they are up to….
Brass Sun – Motor Head moves away from the torture and lets us have a look at the captive. We get a good idea of the tick-tock world and the rulers behind it. But there is a spoiler on the horizon.
Sinister Dexter – The Taking of the Michael answers some questions about the bodies and the deal with WitSec. We also get some action from Sinister & Dexter as they show what they’re all about!
Bad Company – First Casualties has the old Bad Company breaking out Kano, and those holding him seem to think that this will work out well. Kano is confused and there is an award ceremony on the way….

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Friday #2 Now On Panel Syndicate

October 21, 2020 Michael Nimmo 1

Available now on Panel Syndicate is the second issue of Friday. Get it now in the format of your choice. What do you mean it’s about time? Nah, that’s just your perception of time being all […]

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