Aces Weekly Volume 19 Out Now!

The latest volume of the subscription digital comics anthology!


Multi-award-winning Aces Weekly showcases some of the brightest talents from across the globe in an exclusively digital weekly comic art anthology published by David Lloyd – the guy who gave you V For Vendetta!

As Halloween glides back to its haunted mansions, Aces Weekly keeps keeping on, with Volume 19 bursting with the life that only our fun-loving Aces can give it! From November 9, the terrific team that gave us Heritage in Volume 12 – Manoel Magalhães and Osmarco Valladão – give us The Last One…


Fred Fordham and Keith Kopnicki settle us down for another extraordinary, Bedtime Story, with A Girl Can Dream…


Marc Jackson’s dauntless drake flaps back in the totally quackers (yeah, yeah,I must have used that before…) Duckless…


And… what..? No..! Yes! The silver slasher strikes again in just the funniest fear-filled strip there is … Yes, it’s… David Leach with Psycho Gran in ‘Elping ‘Ands…


Regular Ace team member, Steve Baskerville, brings us a fop from the future in Jim Dandy…


The perfectly-paced and surprising crime thriller from Roberto Corroto and Ertito Montana in Volume 14 – Sicarios – comes back with even more surprises in Sicarios 2…


Jok and Santullo take us into the funnier side of fantasy with their usual wry look at wonder and witchery in the magical, Dungeons and Burglars…


And the unconventional Mal Earl is back with an unconventional war story in, The Bridge…


Plus we preview a serial for Volume 21 from the writer of the revolutionary sf tale we featured in Volumes 2 and 3, Return Of The Human. This time, J.C. Vaughan teams with Brendon & Brian Fraim, and Arthur Hesli, for The Flight…


The exclusively digital Aces Weekly comic art magazine is tailored for tablet, laptop, desktop – and your smart tv – and is ready to view at the touch of a button, whenever and wherever
you’re connected!

We regularly offer up to 200 pages of original serials, short stories and heaps of Extras, in seven weekly parts, with some of the finest creators on the globe, including :
David Lloyd, John McCrea, Phil Hester, Mark Wheatley, JC Vaughan, Herb Trimpe,
James Hudnall, Val Mayerik, David Hitchcock, Dan Christensen, Dave Hine Henry Flint,
Paul Maybury, Shaky Kane, Yishan Li, Marc Hempel, David Leach, Batton Lash, Rachael Smith, Phil Elliott, and Fred Fordham…
for just £6.99/$9.99/€7.99 per volume!
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