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One Size Fits All

by Chris Mosley

I wanted to illustrate some of my Dad's great army stories that he used to tell. He's not with us anymore so it's also a tribute.

With this comic book project, I wanted to not only memorialize my father but I also wanted to illustrate and archive some of the great army stories that he used to tell my brother and I when we were young. I started drawing this comic over two years ago when my Dad fell sick with Cancer. The plan at the time was to self publish this and present it to him for Father’s Day. He never made it to Father’s Day.

After he passed I couldn’t bring myself to even cast a glance at the pages I had completed. I recently though mustered the guts to pull it out of the drawer to consider revisiting it. What I realized after looking at it was that I had been rushing so desperately to finish. even though everyone was trying to stay positive in hopes that my Dad would pull through, I think I could see it coming and was trying to get it done before he left us.

What I’m looking to accomplish is not only a Catharsis but also I want to complete this first issue and share these really fun stories with everyone who’s interested. I believe that even though they are Army stories, they are pretty humorous and appeal to a wide audience.

Thank you in advance for your support and consideration.

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For $5 you get a PDF of the comic!

Strength Monsters

by Samuel Kressin

Cover to Strength Monsters in Christmas Tree Delivery Cover Title To Be Added Soon

Strength Monsters is an over the top action oriented comic book series about two professional wrestlers who end up on a number of adventures together both inside and outside the wrestling ring.

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From $5 you get a digital version of the comic and your name on the appreciation page!

Premonition Volume 1

by Tenesha

mock up only.

Premonition Volume 1 is a full color scifi comic created by Tenesha Lewis with art by Tri Nguyen. The story starts off with an alien named Leona from a distant galaxy who travels to Earth after years of being plagued by, what she believes, are premonitions of Earths future demise. But in order to save this planet she must discover her true identity and overcome a powerful force in order to save herself, her new family, and to find love and acceptance in a chaotic world.

Digital Reward?

From $5 you get volume 1 digitally!

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