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Here we are with our news from the past month. We had two waves of releases, November 25th and December 9th, which brought to you 18 new titles, 12 of which were volume ones or one shots. So now you can not only continue reading the Eagles of Rome, Djinn, Blast,Spellbound and Alter Ego, but you can discover new stories, in new genres too.

History-lovers will be especially enchanted to meet Napoleon in the well-documented The Battle, a baffled Cold War political assassin in the Roots of Chaos but also the bitterly sarcastic yet merry occupants of the Great War trenches in The Folies Bergère, penned by Belgian sequential storyteller Zidrou. Off the record, this last one is an editor’s pick – quite powerful, we guarantee.

We wouldn’t want to dub our books female- or men-oriented, but it’s also true that sometimes conventions help. Take, for example, Seeking: Dad 2.0 – a witty manifesto for contemporary motherhood, and Casati – depicting the rise and fall of the (in)famous marchesa, aka “a living work of art”. We think that both of these might be more appealing to a female audience (but maybe we’re wrong).

As for quality action-packed series, here we have not one, but three diamonds in the crown: cutting-edge Jazz Maynard, released as a single issue at the special 0,99€, poker-scented suspense Ken Games, and the swearing, dashing, vandalizing yet irresistibleGipsy and his truck-races across Siberia.

We are very happy to announce that the Europe Comics catalog just got enriched with titles from Spain, Serbia and Flemish-speaking Belgium, as we just released Dibbuks’ enigmatic Bitcoin, Darkwood’s sci-fi Keepers of Lost Time, and Ballon’s celebrated all-agesJeremy (who just turned 60, by the way, and still looking good).

These are the highlights of the past month, and you better speed up reading as the new releases are planned for December 21st. What’s more, we’ve got some very special holiday promotions coming right before Christmas. So dust off your tablets, charge your batteries, and prepare for an all digital and all European holiday season!

Bitcoin_Europe Comics

Bitcoin is making giant strides throughout the world. Satoshi Nakamoto, its creator, continues as an enigmatic and cryptographic figure. Nonetheless, rumors surrounding his potential wealth have not gone unnoticed by the mafia. He has also popped ups or the radar of the secret services. In fact, NSA agents have been searching for him for some time now. The opportunities that this crypto-currency has opened up within the fi nancial markets have turned Nakamoto into a hero admired in more and more places… READ MORE


Luisa Amman was born in Milan in 1881 to a wealthy family who had made its fortune in cotton. After marrying Marquis Camillo Casati, and the birth of their only daughter, Luisa undergoes a transformation and quickly becomes one of the most eccentric women of her time. She wants to shock, to make herself into a living work of art. She befriends the beautiful people of her time, artists and celebrities: Giovanni Boldini, Augustus John, Ida Rubinstein, Jean Cocteau and Man Ray just to name a few. She lives in Rome, Venice and Paris, attending masquerade… READ MORE


It’s May 1809. Napolean’s great army is getting ready to cross the Danube on the immense floating bridge that they constructed overnight on the orders of the France’s most famous military genius. On the other side of the river, Archduke Charles and his Austrian army are waiting for them, determined to get their revenge for the humiliating defeat they suffered at Austerlitz. And so the horror begins…READ MORE


Frankie wins the first prize in a contest: a round-the-world trip with four friends aboard the Silver Wave. Little do they know that James, their arch enemy, is watching them, patiently waiting to teach Jeremy and his friends a little lesson… But not everything goes as planned… READ MORE


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