Review: Satanic Hell #7

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Published on: February 6, 2016

Eva goes rogue and the movement squares off against the Texas Council of Churches. With the metal band’s monstrous fate sealed before the pandemonium even starts, can Satanic Hell find a way to stop Reverend Scudder and end the religious madness afflicting the state?


Well, here we are after a long up and down ride in this excellent mini series, we are at the end. I would say though is that this issue could easily end with “The Beginning…” as although there are a number of loose ends tied up!

The band have been changed, but they take it in their stride and commit to what they started! Meanwhile the church is try to finish them off and their following – all the while everything falls apart around them.
This is an excellent end to the series – and maybe a link to a future one? I don’t know, but I must say I’ve enjoyed the run and would recommend it as the band plays on!

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