Fund Me Friday: Judges, Henchmen For Hire & Star


Here are some of the latest Kickstarter comic projects with digital reward tiers!

Judges: The Graphic Novel

by Ben miller

In a world where hatred and mass killings are part of our daily lives, where is the humanity? What if the explanation were simple? What if those who were the most evil were in fact not human? This is the world in which Judges takes place. It is a world where the most evil people are demons in disguise, and only a team of talented individuals can stand against them.

Digital Reward?
For $10 you get a digital PDF of the comic!

Henchmen for Hire – Rocked by Roid Rage – The Graphic Novel

by Jeff Langcaon

Henchmen for Hire follows the adventures of Tinker, Evers and Chance – three normal, non-super guys who make a living as “evil” henchmen in a world of superheroes and supervillains.

In Rocked by Roid Rage, henchman Chance finds a serum that can give him super strength and lets him try his hand at being the supervillain known as “Roid Rage.” But Chance soon discovers that the job comes with a sexy sidekick, an arch-enemy and even more complications.

Digital Reward?
Digital rewards start from $5!

STAR: 72-page Series Debut!

by Richard Clark

She’s fit. She’s fun. She’s a super-genius adventurer and the world’s most-watched media personality. She is STAR.

Digital Reward?
From $7 you get a digital version of the comic!

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