Review: 2000 AD Prog 1975

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Published on: April 10, 2016

Thoughts on Prog 1975 from 2000 AD


Part 3 of Judge Dredd – the Grindstone Cowboys is perfectly summed up on the from cover with Dredd and two judges working around the Cursed Earth after bandits – they get ambushed and then it all goes from there. The cover actually doesn’t do the interior justice as the masked man is more of a problem for Dredd than made out here – in fact he’s a much bigger problem!

Tharg‘s 3rillers Presents – Repossession Order completes this traditional three part series with an excellent twist – when it seems as if everything is all sorted out, we get the kicker in the final panel. What makes it all the more fun is that, with hindsight, we really should have seen this coming earlier – perhaps others will!

The Survival Geeks continue getting to know their other selves with Geeks Fatales. The split being mainly on gender lines, but there are other differences too! This was a good point for people to get an understanding of the geeks as they are investigated by their rodent enemies! Although slow moving, it promises much for the next issue!

We get more of Tainted as the Fall of Deadworld continues on as we get a closer look at the human inhabitants of the world of theDark Judges. this issue has more of the humans, but we do get some on the Sisters in this issue!

Aquila carves his way through all manner of beasts in this latest issue – Charon’s Mercy – we get all types of stitched together beasts as he works his way towards the necromancer – not a lot of development here, but good nevertheless!


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