Review: Lucifer #5

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Published on: April 23, 2016
Lucifer and Gabriel finally solve the murder of The Almighty-but they have differing opinions on the culprit! Either suspect’s guilt would have cosmic consequences. Who’s right and what might that mean for our Guardian Gumshoes? Find out in the concluding chapter of “Cold Heaven.”
All the threads come together in this final part of the initial story arc of this new ongoing series. We get to find out who stabbed Lucifer, who killed God and who was involved. Of course there are threads left dangling, but this is an ongoing series!
The obvious answer wasn’t what you thought, but the storyline of the “demon in a bottle” was also wrapped up nicely. This series was looking weaker, but this was a strong, interesting finish to the arc – and it makes me hopeful for the next arc!

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