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Published on: April 26, 2016

Reviews of the latest digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment

Escape From Monster Island #3

The group of mercenaries continues their search for the cure but realize a traitor is amongst them. Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed Queen of Monster Island uses one of her captives a bargaining chip but will her demands be met in time?


Last issues cliffhanger is quickly dealt with in this issue and we get some new introductions – both human and monster. The story is moving on quickly and we are getting more understanding of the characters and their ways as we move around the island. The art is excellent, and I’m sure the artist is going to town, enjoying all these different monsters! next issue looks interesting as we seem to be meeting some new monsters!

Hellchild #2

STILLBIRTH Angelica has been resurrected, but something is wrong. As the so-called Hell Child is unleashed on New York City, Helsing is left to deal with the temper of a wrathful god. Meanwhile, a cult of vampires is on the rise in New York, and when they come face to face with Angelica, a partnership is made that just might set the underworld of the city that never sleeps ablaze.


Things look bad, and after a tease of things getting better, they rapidly go downhill again. As you would expect, there is a lot of blood and violence! Hades tries, but you can understand why Angelica may be a little ‘vexed’ with the whole situation – going back to her time with Dracula (and her death) the other aspect is the new Vampires in the city which make this all the more interesting!
This is a fast moving issue, with a lot going on!

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