ComicBlitz Add AthlitaComics To Their Digital Comics Catalog

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Published on: May 15, 2016

ComicBlitz have a new addition to their digital comics subscription service – plus a number of new digital comics for you to read!

New Releases
ComicBlitz would like to welcome our new publishing partner,
AthlitaComics was started by former Chicago Bears player, Israel Idonije, and mashes together the world of sports, and superheroes!  Check out their book,The Protectors, issues #0, and #1 today!
Some of our other releases today are:
The mega-crossover event, Gold Key Alliance #1 from Dynamite Entertainment!
From Valiant Comics, we are nearing the end of Unity, with issues #23 & 24!
Action Lab brings us more Itty Bitty Bunnies!
Zorro returns with issues #7-12, just in time for the announcement of the new movie “Z” based on the popular pulp character!
Also, Miss Fury is back in a brand new series!
And the adventure continues, in James Bond: Vargr!

And another amazing graphic novel from Markosia, Elemental Micah!

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