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Published on: May 25, 2016

So Comixology have “gone Amazon” and have unleashed Comixology Unlimited. Below are some of my thoughts on the move and some thoughts by others on Twitter. I will be interested to hear yours!


  • This isn’t a complete surprise to me – Comixology are an Amazon Company now and Amazon already have Amazon Prime – Movies and Music and Kindle Prime, which works the same way as Comixology Prime seems to!
  • Added into this fact and you already have Marvel Digital Unlimited, Scribd & Comic Blitz doing the whole “Netflix For Comics” thing and there is a precedent.
  • How much did the creators know? Now there lies a question!


Some are using it to promote their work:

Some were aware of the moves to go this route:

Some were happy with the set up:

Some were not happy!

The comparison to music streaming was also made:

I think the titles provided will make or break this model, and I’m sure we will find out in the coming months how payments trickle down to creators! There is no UK release yet, so I suppose I will have to wait to comment on the content!

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