Fund Me Friday: Black Canon, He Was and Is and Is & The Cosmic Survivor

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Published on: May 20, 2016


Some of the latest Kickstarter Projects with digital comics reward tiers

Black Canon

by Tai

Black Canon is an original series I started work on around February of 2016. The story takes place in a science-fiction/fantasy universe, where a mad inventor becomes the ruler of a world of human beings, on the planet known as Typhune. A group of elite renegades known only as Crusaders must venture out into the hostile lands of Typhune, on a quest to remove the mad king from power. More information on the back story can be found on my company’s official Facebook page here

Digital Reward?
$30 gets you a digital version of the book

He Was and Is and Is to Come

by Dan Jones

‘He Was and Is and Is to Come’ is a poem written by Stef Liston, who helps to lead Revelation Church in Camden, and illustrated by Dan Jones, who is part of King’s Community Church in Norwich and writes and illustrates Anchor Lines. We are raising funds to illustrate the entire poem and print it as a beautiful softcover, 60 plus page book, 20x21cm in size. If we raise additional funds, we will make a video of the complete illustrated poem – read on for more details.

Digital Reward?
£12 gets you Print and Digital editions – A hard copy of the printed book, and the complete illustrated poem as a PDF file to read on your PC or tablet.

The Cosmic Survivor: The Hunt for Nebulon #1

by Michael D. Koch

An epic space fantasy.
The space witch Veritas and her Star Knights pursue a mad star beast across the universe.

Digital Reward?
$5 gets you a digital pdf of the first issue of “The Cosmic Survivor : The Hunt for Nebulon #1”

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