Fund Me Friday: Victims of Villains, Strange Sales & Awaken


Some of the latest Kickstarter comic projects with digital reward tiers!

VICTIMS OF VILLAINS – Comic based on an original screenplay

by Branden Conejo

Based on an original screenplay, VICTIMS OF VILLAINS: A SUPPORT GROUP is a look at a city riddled with super-powered criminals, through the eyes of the people they’ve stepped on. The “Victims of Villains Support Group” is a room full of stories, in a city full of bad guys. Support issue #1 of this series now, and help make this franchise a reality.

Digital Reward?
For $15 you get the digital version of issue #1

Strange Sales

by Kowabunga Comics!

A day in the life of a nice guy who’s life has been more packaged than the products he sells for OmniCorp.

Digital Reward?
$5 gets you a digital version and a printable calendar

Awaken: Volume 1 by Koti Saavedra

by Hiveworks Comics

Awaken is an action/mystery/psychological webcomic, heavily influenced by shonen manga. It follows the story of Piras, a childish and impulsive teenager who wants to fulfill his dream of becoming an elite Knight of the Empire he lives in, but…ends up becoming a wanted criminal instead.

Awaken is a story that I’m really passionate about – I write the scripts, draw the comic, and update three times a week! That’s why, after two years of publishing online, I want to bring Awaken to life in the form of a gorgeous book. And I need your help to make it happen!

If you like superpowers, monsters, dystopian universes, and deep, human characters, this is definitely a book that you’ll enjoy having in your hands.

You can read Awaken for free online at

Digital Reward?
For $15 you get Vol 1 ebook in English AND Spanish! (You’ll get a copy of both.)

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