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Published on: May 23, 2016

From Wednesday 25th May the Unseen Shadows Transmedia Universe will be launching Knights of Cademus, on Comixology.

A tale of two henchmen


Kidnapping, torture and murder are all in a day’s work for a Knight of Cademus. Their blind loyalty and faith to the Book of Cademus is only matched by their ruthlessness towards those who would oppose its will.

Joachim Bischoff, named after Saint Joachim, a Teutonic Knight and crusader but definitely no saint. A man of great violence who thought he had found his ordained role in life, purging central Europe of pagans, soon discovered that he had lost his God.

Roy Wallis is, for all appearances, a normal boy from a normal loving family. That is why his crime shocked his loved ones so. Sent to a central European young person’s reform camp he thinks his future is tainted and the undercurrent of anger within the boy boils to the surface once more.

The Knights of Cademus are a century’s old order. The elite warriors of the Book of Cademus, their belief in their cause, their brothers and their Lord, Oliver Cademus drives them. How is such an order of human weapons forged?

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