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Published on: May 6, 2016

This weeks 2000 AD has the return of Slaine!


Judge Dredd kicks off with no Judge Dredd – he’s still gone, but we’re in The Lions Den with Joyce as he is transferred to Brit-Cit. We also get Roland Rat the musical and a Jedward musical advertised! Joyce is captured by some masked men, but he seems to have the measure of them, so now he’s escaped, we need to go from there! Meanwhile the Chief Judge is making deals with Texas City, which may cause problems later on!

Part two of Lord of the Ringers in Survival Geeks gives a bit of choppy narration – breaking the forth wall – we get some more background as we are now two geeks down. This issue is chock full of Zombie references in a couple of panels – again it’s fun spotting them all. It’s a fun read with Kev making himself likable, but the cracks are starting to show!

Slaine returns with his battle against the Cyth and there is a lot of violence here (as you would expect) The commentary of the Cyth makes a good point of explaining where we are and what’s happening as we get right into this new story!

Part two of Brink follows up the attack of the initial part, with a report in and moves to investigate more of what is happening. The questioning of the suspect is really well done, bringing it into the story. The word that makes people feel sick is interesting, we’ve still got questions!!!

Tainted: The Fall of Deadworld continues this origin of the world of the Dark Judges in part seven. It continues to be a nasty (in a good way) read. The groupls involved are gradually getting thinner as we build towards the ending….


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