Review: 2000 AD Prog 1981

This weeks prog from 2000 AD reviewed!


First of all, lets say something about that front cover – it’s awesome! With Dredds face partially covered and the blood and damage on hit uniform, then there is the simple “The Law Lives” making it clear to readers who know the current storyline, while getting any new readers interested!

In The Lions’ Den – Dredd is persumed dead, although we know he’s not (see front cover and last issue) while Joyce is on the run – in Brit Cit. It look like there is a hell of a cover up going on here and Joyce is right in the middle of it all. He looks o get away, but takes a bullet to the arm. One of the street judges also gets hit, so whoever is after him isn’t afraid! There isn’t any build on the Judge Dredd part, but there is some on the deal with Texas City and Mega City One….

Survival Geeks – Lord Of The Ringers – has the final part today with the team reformed and Kev finally revealing himself to the housemates. There are some nice geek references here and just when you think it’s all sorted and everything is going OK – it doesn’t!

Part three of Slaine – Psychopomp – has the two warped out warriors taking on the Cith and it looks as if we’re going to have some all out battle by the end of it all. Slaine looks to have given it all though and it doesn’t seem to be enough as we are getting to the final part of this storyline. The art is excellent with some great use of white spaces – and red, lots of red!

Brink continues to lay the groundwork as we get deeper and deeper into the cults and people on this space station. The cults are particually interesting and we seem to be learning more about the situations in the different areas of the space station!

Part Nine of the Fall Of Deadworld – Tainted – brings us the reminder that fire is a good way to kill the undead. It looks as if we are getting close to the end of an arc here, with Fairfax and the kid riding off to deal with what’s happening. Is this kid the Judge Child mentioned? I’m not so sure!


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