Review: DC Universe Rebirth #1

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Published on: May 28, 2016

I have a confession, I have been disappointed with DC Comics recently, I’ve been reading Gotham Academy and Constantine, but that is it. I tried some after the new 52 – Batman, Detective Comics, Justice League, Justice League Dark, Superman, but gradually I dropped them until the two mentioned above were the last ones left – and that is because they tell stories reasonably disconnected from the main DCu. So with another reboot in the offing i thought I would give them a try. DC Universe Rebirth seems interesting….
We get the status quo nicely set up – Superman dead (again!?) and another universe Lois & Clark. Batman working out about the fact there is more than one Joker(!) and Wally West – all but forgotten in this universe fighting the speed force to get back. It looks like he has failed, until he doesn’t, with some help from his friends. There are some observations from him, which could be seen as observations and criticisms of the New 52 universe. Meanwhile there seems to be something or someone up above playing with them all – it seems to be the Watchmen with hints of The Comedian, Nite-Owl, Ozymandias and Dr Manhattan. This looks like it’s going to be a heavy storyline which may reboot the DCU into something else….
I quite enjoyed this and think it’s good value for money, the art is well done and there is a lot going on!
I’ll give it a try when the dust clears!

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