Review: Judge Dredd Megazine #372

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Published on: May 21, 2016

This months Judge Dredd Megazine reviewed


There’s a new series starting in this issue – Blunt, and it’s featured on the front cover!

Rico continues his quest to find the Grindstone Cowboys in the continuation of the story and although there is no Dredd here (see the weekly progs) there is the feel of Dredd with Rico not only being his clone, but also taking on his leadership role as well! There’s a nice link with the Native American side, and this looks to be building to a big standoff with the Grindstone Cowboys!

Grey Area return soon with the series finale – looking forward to that!

Realm of The Damned also features werewolves along with the vampires, and there is a lot of mythology building here as we understand what Balaur is after. There are some nice action scenes here and this feels a long part to the story, but it really builds on it well!

Blunt looks good – based in the Judge Dredd world we get an outpost which relies on supplies being dropped in. When that crashes they have to get a team together to get them! Blunt is a mutant who seems to know more what is going on out there than the others! I like the look of it – think Crocodile Dundee in the Cursed Earth!

Lawless continues its new arc with the deputy making a decision on whether or not to take the full job – there is still a hint that Lawless may still be alive, but we shall see where that goes. This was a slow part, but it felt right and needed to be done to continue the story!


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