Review: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #3

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Published on: May 14, 2016


We finally get out of the bag – or infinite sack as the team of Archer, Armstrong and Mary-Maria team up to not only get out of the sack, but also to defeat the so-called god of wine or parties – Bacchus! The build up is nice and this is quite a full issue. We get A&A’s escape – which includes Archer getting on the other end of being drunk (for the first time) – puking, coffee and regret. Talking of regret, that is a theme for Armstrong, where he remembers his past and the regrets and problems he had in the past. Mary-Maria gets a bit of time too, with her and her assassin nuns getting a lot of time, and even some character development! The second half features what we can expect from Bacchus, with parties and brain-dead party animals! The stakes are suitably raised and this looks to be a fun read to continue!

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